June 24, 2024

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"That was an outrage." - Deadline

“That was an outrage.” – Deadline

passionate will Smith Came back again for oscar night with Trevor Noah on Monday by explaining what prompted him to slap Chris Rock in front of millions of viewers.

“You’re gone, mate,” said Smith to Noah. The Daily Show. “This was a rage that was bottled up for a really long time.”

Smith, who was on Comedy Central’s show promoting his latest movie ReleaseHe shared a poignant story about coming home after winning his first Academy Award and having to explain his behavior to his 9-year-old nephew. “He’s the sweetest little boy. He stayed up late to see Uncle Will. We’re sitting in the kitchen, and he’s on my lap with his Oscar, [and he asked] Why did you hit that guy, Uncle Will? ”

“Why are you trying Opera for me?” Remember Smith thinking. “I was like, It was a mess. I don’t want to overdo it to give people more misunderstandings.”

Earlier in the discussion, Smith had tried to explain his behavior by reminding people that “you never know what someone’s going through.”

“I was going through something that night,” he said, as he turned to address The Daily Show public. “It does not excuse my behavior at all.”

“We just gotta be nice to each other, man,” Smith continued, holding a handkerchief. “It’s hard. I think the thing that hurts the most for me is that I took hold of my heart and made it hard for other people. I get the idea when they say people hurt people.”

He also talked about how he became “the little kid who watched his father hit his mother, all of it was blowing up in that moment. That’s not what I want to be.”

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Numerous times Noah tried to stick to Smith saying “everyone can make a mistake” and how the actor’s actions on Oscar night weren’t who you were. Noah also called the “relentlessly dirty” press that he and his wife, Jada Pinkett, endured.

It made Smith cry.

“I understand how horrible it was for people,” Smith said.

It was the first time Smith had spoken about the incident on a late-night talk show. In a recent conversation with Fox 5 Good day DC Journalist Kevin McCarthySmith said he realizes some people may not want to see his new film after what happened at the Academy Awards.

“I totally understand — if someone isn’t ready, I’ll fully respect that and allow them space that isn’t ready,” Smith told McCarthy. My deepest concern is my team – Antoine [Fuqua] He did what I think is the greatest job of his entire career. The people on this team have done some of the best work of their entire careers, and I hope my actions don’t penalize my team. At this point, that’s what I’m working towards.”

Release It opens in theaters December 2 and will begin streaming on Apple TV+ beginning December 9.