April 13, 2024

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The best and worst shows, including Bad Bunny and Nicki Minaj

The best and worst shows, including Bad Bunny and Nicki Minaj


From Madonna roaming Versailles to me Beyoncé’s baby bump revealedThe MTV Video Music Awards Didn’t hold back at all high drama.

The fireworks continued to display Sunday in Newark, New Jersey. Although there are fewer star-studded stars than in years past, broadcast television still features memorable performances from A-list musicians including LizoAnd the EminemAnd the Snoop DoggAnd the hot red pepper And the J Balvin. Meanwhile, a five-time VMA winner Nicki Minaj celebrate it Video Vanguard Award With an extended blend of her career of her greatest hits.

While artists take the Prudential Center Theater all night, here are our live reviews of the best and worst shows:

Most outrageous MTV VMA moment ever: From Britney Spears’ snake to Lady Gaga’s meat dress

Brendon Uri’s unmistakable voice was on display in “Don’t let the light go out” As the assailant rushed straight into the camera before jamming with his squad on his hood. The background fireworks lit up as the performance transitioned from black and white to colour, providing a truly exciting climax to this year’s VMAs.

Bad Bunny, who played a pair of majors at Yankee Stadium in New York this weekend, delivered a dynamic remote performance. “Tití Me Preguntó,” From his fifth chart-topping album “Un Verano Sin Ti”. The sunglasses-clad reggaeton star had no problem getting the attention of the massive stadium crowd, making the VMAs feel like his personal concert.

Anitta, who won Best Latina for a viral hit “Envolver”“Quickly prove why she’s one of the fastest rising stars in the US right now. Walking down a flight of white stairs in a lacy red jumpsuit, the Brazilian singer featured her character leading her dancers in some really steamy, then exhilarating dances.

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Wait what happened here? Glam rock-and-comers Måneskin were halfway through a fiery performance “Supermodel” When the camera cuts off the band for nearly half of the song, it only comes back into focus at the end. Is the camera operator a big slip? Or was there a wardrobe malfunction for lead singer Damiano David, who draped bare to the audience while rocking leather chaps? No matter what happened, Måneskin definitely gets our attention.

On Sunday, Kane Brown became the first-ever male country singer at the VMAs. The 28-year-old crossover artist bathed in green and blue neon lights on an outdoor stage and made every moment count as he sang a wonderful performance. “big,” His pop-filled anthem is about appreciating the big and small things in life.

Sometimes all you need is a musical instrument and a platform. The Red Hot Chili Peppers preceded any bells and whistles for their VMAs performance, putting their unrivaled music center stage as they worked their way up with a new song. “Black Summer” And the basic group menu “Can’t stop”. Global Icon Award recipients, the veteran rockers were the epitome in red fishnet shirts and yellow high socks, as pink-haired guitarist Flea shrieked as he navigated lightly during the thrilling introduction to “Can’t Stop.”

MTV VMAs 2022: It is recommended to see pictures of Taylor Swift, Lizo, Lil Nas X and Black Pink

Eminem and Snoop Dogg, “From the D 2 the LBC”

Two rap icons, taking the VMAs stage together for the first time in two decades. It was supposed to be an instant hit on this year’s show – but instead Eminem and Snoop Dogg performed “From the D 2 the LBC” Lost in the metaverse. The hip-hop stars have been using Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs in their new collaboration cover photo and in their music video, and they took aside the bulk of Sunday’s “performance” as their monkey avatars chimed inside a big pinball machine and spider web, among other sites created by Computer. Only at the end of the song finally came back to life, as Eminem and Snoop “wake up” on a couch on stage and personally ended the track. Props to try something different, but maybe keep your NFT away from our MTV next time.

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And that’s why she’s still the current queen of rap. Recipient of this year’s Video Vanguard Award, which honors the artist’s influence on music videos and pop culture, Nicki Minaj blasted nearly a dozen of her most iconic songs in a gorgeous pink and purple party, complete with a giant bow. After a heady start that didn’t give her “monster-made” hair the right way to her career, the rapper settled into a groove of crowd-favorite “Moment 4 Life” and “Super Bass” as she bobbed and trotted across a Barbie-inspired stage of her dream house. She finished the mix with a fun and hilarious sampling of Rick James #1 “Super Freaky Girl,” A well-deserved summer song if we’ve heard it before.

Most outrageous MTV VMA moment ever: From Britney Spears’ snake to Lady Gaga’s meat dress

Khaled’s silky voices were distinctly flawless as he and electronic artist Marshmello took the stage for an upbeat team performance “ant,” Their second collaboration after the 2017 movie ‘Silence’. If only we could see what was really going on: Due to the psychedelic camera filter, much of the performance was very blurred and out of focus, with Many viewers complain on Twitter it Make them feel dizzy.

The K-pop quartet made their VMA debut in exciting style, emerging from a cloud of pink smoke to perform their latest singles Pink Poison. Dressed in all black and flanked by backup dancers, the group of girls masterfully performed tight dances that were as elaborate and sloppy as the song’s lyrics.

Colombian stars took over early-night TV broadcasts to make a sinister show of their collaboration “Nivel de Perreo,” Backed by a line of faceless, latex-clad backup dancers directly inspired by “American Horror Story.” But the real scene stealer was a show of a giant bikini-clad silver woman, bringing some “Jack and the Beanstalk” realism to the VMAs as she bobbed and trotted above the audience for a full three minutes to the song.

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After singing a few bars of her infection No. 1 “About Damn Time,” Lizzo directed Tom Hanks’ “Big” circa 1988: she plays on a foot-lit piano when she released her new high-energy single, “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready).” It was difficult not to immerse yourself in the true enthusiasm of the amazing artist, especially since she danced in a bright pink ensemble against the background of dozens of Lesos miniatures. We just wish she had made better use of the setting, as she dangled in the back of the stage for most of the performance and was often engulfed in a huge wall of projections behind her.

After his hit last summer with Lil Nas X’s Industry Baby, Jack Harlow gave an instant classic VMA performance. The cute rapper, dressed as a flight attendant, was walking down the aisle of an airplane while he was performing on the chart “First grade,” Fun interaction with “passengers” including Avril Lavigne along the way. He then made his way to the Prudential Center Theater, revealing surprise guest Fergie, whose 2007 song “Glamorous” was chosen largely as the track. The boisterous crowd—which included several Taylor Swift chops—was riding in nostalgic glee aloft, with Fergie and Harlow their effortlessly charismatic leaders.