June 19, 2024

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The 'Big Brother' contestant unexpectedly leaves the house

The ‘Big Brother’ contestant unexpectedly leaves the house

It was the first dramatic live evacuation episode of Big brother Season 24, Thursday night, where Paloma Aguilar unexpectedly came out of Big brother A house before the neighborhood eviction.

Host Julie Chen Moonves He opened the show by saying, “You know, our motto has always been ‘Expect the unexpected.’ This, tonight, couldn’t be more true.” “The unexpected exit of an inmate stuns the house and leads to an unprecedented game-changer,” Julie stated, at the start of the first commercial break.

Earlier this week, there were some controversy Surrounding the actors’ behavior towards co-star Taylor Hill, particularly comments made by Paloma, according to fans on social media who were behind and supportive of Taylor. However, Paloma’s choice to leave the house appears to be due to the fact that she was suffering from anxiety, which led to several nights of insomnia.

In the end, Paloma couldn’t handle it anymore and chose her mental health over the game, which was praised by her housemates. Shane Moonves then explained to guests at the house how Paloma’s early exit would affect the rest of the night as she said that because Paloma, one of the backstage members, was eliminated, the other two players Alyssa and Brittany were no longer in danger. of eliminating it. On top of that upset, the season’s first eviction was also officially called off, meaning Taylor and fellow block candidate Terrence Higgins were also safe for another week.

Big brother It broadcasts on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays CBS.

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