June 16, 2024

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The city of Rafah was again bombed by the Israeli army

The city of Rafah was again bombed by the Israeli army

Israeli air force and artillery pounded the town of Rafah on Saturday June 1, hours after US President Joe Biden announced Israel’s road map for a cease-fire with Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Despite protests from the international community concerned about civilians, Israeli forces continue their offensive in this town in the south of the Gaza Strip. Activity is concentrated in the Tal al-Sultan district, west of the city. Follow our live stream.

Meetings are planned in several French cities this afternoon. Calls for rallies in support of the Palestinians were launched this Saturday afternoon in Paris, Tours, Lille, Lyon and Saint-Breux (CĂ´tes-d’Armor). In the capital, a pro-Palestine march took part in an annual demonstration to pay tribute to anti-fascist activist Clement Merrick, who was killed in 2013. Overall, KAbout 22,000 people, according to police, marched through the streets of Paris.

Emmanuel Macron backs ceasefire deal We support the United States’ proposal for a comprehensive agreement.” He reacted on Saturday On that day When the head of the country, a new contract “universal” The cease-fire, proposed by Joe Biden on Friday, has been proposed to Hamas by the Hebrew government. The French president wants “A lasting cease-fire to free hostages, work for peace and advance a two-state solution”argue that “The Gaza war must end.”

Three Phase Ceasefire Agreement. According to Joe Biden, The “Road Map” The first involved a six-week ceasefire Withdrawal of the Israeli army “from all populated areas of Gaza”, But some hostages were still released. In the second phase, the US president spoke about the shutdown “permanent” hostilities and the release of all hostages. Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip will take place in the third and final phase.

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Netanyahu recalled that the agreement on a “permanent cease-fire” included the “annihilation” of Hamas. Israel has warned that “conditions” A “Permanent Armistice” There was no change in his plan in Gaza. The Prime Minister’s Office reconfirms that the Israeli plan includes “Releasing All Hostages” Retained, in addition “destruction” of the Palestinian Islamic Movement.

Hamas supports this deal. “Hamas welcomes today’s addition [vendredi] In a speech by US President Joe Biden, The Palestinian Islamic Movement announced in a press release.