June 15, 2024

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Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

The clock keeps ticking for Texas and Deshaun Watson

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The training department has officially stopped. The central carousel has not officially started.

At least not publicly. Behind the scenes, the wheels are definitely moving. Teams talk to other teams about potential trades that could be made. Agents hold virtual conversations with those who might want to get a veteran player. In the end (and perhaps starting with the decision made by the midfielders Aaron Rodgers), things will start moving.

At some point, Texas and quarterbacks Deshaun Watson It will part ways. The stakes are very high this year. Watson gets a fully guaranteed salary of $35 million. Texans certainly wouldn’t want to pay that much to someone who doesn’t play, having paid him $10 million for not playing in 2021.

But who would trade for Watson while still facing legal risk on two fronts? Criminal complaints are still to be decided by a grand jury; A decision was expected by the end of January. 22 civil cases are still pending.

Dolphins could have traded for Watson in 2021 if 22 lawsuits were settled. In the end it was only possible to solve 18. The Panthers traded Watson with pending criminal and civil cases. However, Watson did not want to play with the Panthers.

Currently, there are many factors at play. What teams will Watson play for? Among those teams, which one does he want? Are they willing to cut a deal without fully resolving his legal status? Could they also come to an acceptable deal with Texas? What happens to Watson’s contract?

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To accomplish this, we must give something. In the end, it might be Houston. Between the no-trade clause, the $35 million salary, unresolved legal issues, and a full year of inactivity from Watson, Houston’s leverage isn’t improving — it’s getting worse. And if interested teams that Watson might be interested in start making other arrangements, it will become difficult for Texans to get what they want.

At some point, the Texans may simply have to declare victory and take whatever they can get. Even if it was a lot less than they could have gotten a year ago.