June 19, 2024

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The co-founder of the Taliban arrived in Kabul

Mullah Abdul Ghani Bhardar was the Taliban’s military chief until 2010, was arrested in Pakistan and released in 2018.

Taliban co-founder and No. 2, Mullah Abdul Ghani Bharat, arrived in Kabul on Saturday (August 21) to hold talks with other members of the movement and politicians to establish a new Afghan state. “He will meet jihadi officials and politicians in Kabul to establish an inclusive governmentThe Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the AFP.

Mullah Bhardwar returned on Tuesday, August 17, two days after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, heading the political bureau of their movement from Qatar. He landed in Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. Kandahar was the center of Taliban power between 1996 and 2001. The movement was born in the early 1990s.

Abdul Gani Bhardar, born in Uruzgan province (southern) and raised in Kandahar, was a co-founder of the Taliban with Mullah Omar, who died in 2013, but his death was shrouded in mystery for two years.

Like many Afghans, his life was marked by the Soviet invasion in 1979, which made him a Mujahideen and he is believed to have fought alongside Mullah Omar. In 2001, after US intervention and the fall of the Taliban regime, he was said to have been one of a group of small rebels ready for a deal recognizing Kabul’s administration. But this attempt failed.

He was the Taliban’s military chief when he was arrested in Karachi, Pakistan in 2010. He was released in 2018, especially under pressure from Washington. Heard and respected by various Taliban factions, he was later appointed head of their political office located in Qatar. From there, he led talks with the Americans to withdraw foreign troops from Afghanistan and then negotiate peace with the Afghan government.

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