May 30, 2024

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The death sentence for the American racist Charleston massacre has been confirmed

An appeals court on Wednesday, August 25, upheld the death sentence of Dylan Roof of the United States Killed nine black churches from a church in South Carolina in 2015, A massacre that shocked the planet.

“No medical summary or in-depth legal analysis can fully predict the severity of Roof’s act. His crimes place him under the harshest punishment a just society can provide.”, Richmond court judges concluded in a unanimous verdict.

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Considering the superiority of white men over other races, Dylan Roof fired 77 times at a Methodist church in Charleston on June 17, 2015. A Bible study session. The young man was then 21 years old.

Prohibition on federal execution

The film had American and international public opinion as it bled as a symbol of the struggle against slavery: Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church brings together the oldest black community in this historic city of the era of gardens. Southeastern America.

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The young militant was sentenced to death in early 2017 without remorse or apology.

Before the Court of Appeal, his attorneys sought to have his sentence overturned, arguing that the trial judge should never accept the defendant’s request to ensure his own safety. But the appellate judges set aside this argument.

The convict, now 27 and in jail, is not at risk of execution in the short term since President Biden’s administration last month The federal government banned the death penalty.

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