June 13, 2024

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The death toll from Russian attacks rose to 26 on Friday morning

The death toll from Russian attacks rose to 26 on Friday morning

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00:00 : Before leaving, let’s take a look at the news together:

Paris police headquarters have ordered a ban on union gatherings near the Stade de France on Saturday evening for the final of the French soccer cup, which will be attended by President Emmanuel Macron. In franceinfo, the general secretary of the CGT warned that there would be no blackouts because “The Stade de France has a generator”.

Ratings agency Fitch has downgraded France by one notch to AA.Pointing to the movement against pension reform.

• The Directorate General of Civil Aviation requests the cancellation of 33% of flights at Orly on May 2 due to a strike by air traffic controllers protesting the pension reform.

• The number of overnight Russian strikes on Ukrainian cities now indicates that at least 25 people have been killed. For their part, Russian occupation officials said seven people were killed and more than 10 wounded in an attack by Kyiv forces in Donetsk.

An investigation was launched by the Mayotte Attorney’s Office, deputy chair of Mayotte’s departmental committee, after comments by elected representative Salim Medrey. Mayotte the 1st Solicitor. was qualified as “criminals”of “Thugs”, of “Terrorists” Young Comorians in the archipelago believe it is necessary “Let’s Kill Some”. Words under Act.

11:41 pm : Is Q’s long-prepared counterattack about to begin? “We are ready, Western weapons have arrived to some extent.”, Oleksï Reznikov announced this morning, Minister of Defense of Ukraine. However, in both camps, uncertainty continues to prevail.

(France 3)

9:15 p.m : The complete and only possible “Russian Peace”… Look carefully. And look again. If you don’t want this to spread around the world, give us weapons. Lots of weapons. And add constraints. Finally, start expelling the “Russian political wizards” from the international. https://t.co/J1mGkV9U62 https://t.co/Qm5iusR8hA

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9:15 p.m : After these strikes, Mikhail Podolyak, one of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s advisers, urged Kiev’s allies to hand him over. “More guns. On Twitter, he also called for sanctions against Russia, which he accused of infiltrating several international bodies.

9:10 p.m : The number of Russian strikes across Ukraine today is very serious: 25 people were killed in these bombings. Families of the targeted buildings were woken up by the explosions in the middle of the night, and were attended to by emergency services, who feared finding new victims under the rubble.

(France 2)

7:59 p.m : Agreement to prevent Ukrainian grain crisis. The European Commission announced this evening that it has reached a compromise with five EU countries that have been left unsettled by the influx of Ukrainian grain, some of which have unilaterally banned agricultural imports from Ukraine. European Agreement Financial Aid and “Exceptional Security Measures” Four main products from Ukraine: wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds.

(Virginie Nguyen Hong/Hans Lucas/AFP)

5:29 p.m : Death toll from Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities rises to at least 22 The strikes hit apartment buildings, with at least 20 dead in Uman (center) and two in Dnipro (Middle East), according to the latest report.

2:59 p.m : good morning @Thibault ! Indeed, as we told you this morning, Russian missiles have hit Ukraine again. These attacks have been carried out overnight from yesterday to today targeting three cities of the country. At least 19 deaths in Dnipro and Ouman are to be mourned, according to the interior minister, who is providing an updated but still tentative estimate.

A building damaged by a Russian strike on Uman, Ukraine on April 28, 2023.  (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine/Telegram)

(Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine / Telegram)

2:58 p.m : kyiv’s strikes on donetsk?.. and russian attacks on uman, are we talking about that?? franceinfo pro-Kremlin media

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1:44 p.m : Seven people were killed and 10 wounded in an attack by Kyiv forces on the main Russian-controlled city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, Moscow-based officials said. Ukrainian attacks “Hit hospital, park and apartment buildings. According to initial reports, seven people including a child were killed” And 10 people were injured, writes Denis Bushilin in a telegram, who was installed by Russia as the head of the territories it controls in the Donetsk region.

1:29 p.m : Earlier in the morning, at least 16 people were killed in a new wave of Russian strikes in several cities in Ukraine, which Kiev says is a preparatory phase for its major counter-offensive. “Coming to an end”.

A building damaged by a Russian strike on Uman, Ukraine on April 28, 2023.  (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine/Telegram)

(Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine / Telegram)

1:23 p.m : Seven people died in the strikes on the Russian-controlled city, according to Moscow-backed officials.

12:22 p.m : Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Kouznaulin says he has visited the city of Bakhmaut, the epicenter of fighting in eastern Ukraine. In Telegram, he said he was there on Vladimir Putin’s orders. The city is damaged, but we can rebuild it. He wrote.

12:19 p.m : Eight months after the liberation of Krakow by the Ukrainian army, people are unable to continue their lives. Buildings are in ruins, fields are cut, wounds are not healed, but they want “Rehabilitate their houses and punish the culprits”.

The school in Grakove was completely destroyed, as were most of the buildings in the village.  (Mathilde Dehimy/Radio France).

(Mathilde Dehimy/Radio France)

12:01 : “Equipment has been promised, manufactured and partially delivered. In broad terms, we are ready”According to Oleksiï Reznikov.

11:46 a.m : Preparations for a counterattack by the Ukrainian army “finishes”says the Ukrainian Defense Minister.

11:35 am : Russian missiles hit Ukraine again last night. According to the Minister of Interior, at least 12 deaths in Dnipro and Ouman should be regretted. We take into account what is known about this series of attacks.

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A building damaged by a Russian strike on Uman, Ukraine on April 28, 2023.  (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine/Telegram)(Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine / Telegram)

11:00 p.m : “Every attack, every evil act against our country [notre] People are bringing the terrorist state closer to defeat and punishment.”

“This Russian terrorism requires a fair response from Ukraine and the world”Volodymyr Zelensky insists after last night’s strikes.

11:22 : Here are photos of the damage caused by last night’s blasts in Oman. A residential building was hit. At this time, authorities have not identified a victim in the capital.


09:43 : in Oman, “The death toll has increased” According to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, for ten people. The rescue team came out again “Three Bodies” The ruins of the apartment building this morning. In Dnipro, a woman and a three-year-old child were killed.

09:40 : At least 12 people were killed in Russian attacks last night, according to new figures from Ukrainian officials.

09:33 : In total, the Ukrainian Air Force says it shot down 21 cruise missiles and two drones last night. In Dnipro, two people were killed during this new wave of bombings in several cities across the country.

09:47 : Also targeted, kyiv activated its anti-aircraft defense systems at night. Eleven Russian cruise missiles and two drones were shot down over the capital. As per the first provisional assessment, there was no loss of life or serious damage in the attack.

07:59 : Several Russian bombers targeting Ukraine last night. The mayor of Dnipro announced in a telegram that the missiles “Again civilians were killed, (…) a young woman and a 3-year-old child”. A building was also burned in Uman, in the center of the country, but the toll of the strike is not yet known.