May 29, 2023

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The director of Amnesty International’s Ukraine office has resigned after the NGO published a report accusing Kiev of endangering civilians.

Turkish football club Fenerbahçe was sanctioned after pro-Putin chants

The European Football Union (UEFA) fined Turkish club Fenerbahce 50,000 euros on Friday to punish some of its supporters for chanting in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin during Dynamo Kyiv’s match against the Ukrainians on July 27. Istanbul. UEFA has also ordered the partial closure of the Turkish club’s stadium, condemning at least 5,000 seats during its next European home match.

The European organization said in a press release that these measures were taken in response “Throwing objects and spreading provocative message ie illegal songs”.

The incident took place while the game was counting for 2e Dynamo Kyiv won 2-1 in the Champions League qualifiers. After a goal scored by Ukrainian Vitaly Buelsky (57).e), a few hundred Fenerbahçe supporters chanted the name of the Russian head of state, according to videos posted on social networks. UEFA immediately launched a disciplinary investigation “bad behavior” Turkish fans.

Fenerbahçe initially apologized in a press release before its president announced three days later that the club would not apologize to Ukraine for these pro-Putin chants. For his part, Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Botner condemned the chants the day after the match. “It is very sad to hear the words of Fenerbahce supporters who support a murderer and an invader who is bombing our country”He responded in Turkish on Twitter.

Pro-Putin chants also caused a stir on social media, where many Turkish netizens called them out. “shame”. While quick to condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine, Turkey has opted for neutrality between the two countries and has not joined Western sanctions against Moscow.

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