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The dramatic operation carried out by the Israeli army behind the rescue of Noi Argamani


Israeli special forces rented a house in the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza as part of a mission to rescue hostages taken by Hamas last Saturday. This extraordinary mission, which has been detailed by Jewish historyThe operation resulted in the successful rescue of the hostages after weeks of intense intelligence work and intense gunfire that lasted 45 minutes.

On May 12, Israeli intelligence located four hostages in Gaza. Secret units, known as undercover units, were deployed to collect information from local residents and verify the exact locations of the hostages. These operatives, disguised as local families, rented a house near the identified buildings, allowing them to conduct close surveillance without arousing suspicion. They integrated into the local environment by frequenting markets and interacting with residents.

By early June, the war cabinet approved the bailout. On June 6, 28 commando units from the Al Yamam unit stormed the two buildings. While the rescue of Noa Argamani went smoothly, the operation at the second site turned deadly as the commandos faced stiff resistance from about thirty Hamas terrorists. Despite intense fighting, the remaining hostages were eventually rescued, although Commander Arnón Zamora was killed.

Elon Perry was an American journalist Jewish history He wrote: “Israeli soldiers eliminated the terrorists who were guarding Naoi Argamani, and within six minutes they rescued her safely from the apartment.” However, the rescue of the three hostages in the second building faced major challenges. Perry explained, “Commander Arnon Zamora’s team, which stormed the apartment at the head of the force, faced heavy fire from about thirty Hamas terrorists in the apartment.”

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Noa Argamani, a rescued hostage, embraces her father, Yaakov Argamani, after the Israeli military said Israeli forces rescued four hostages alive from the central Gaza Strip, in Ramat Gan, Israel, in this photo obtained by Reuters on June 8, 2024. (Credit: via Reuters)

Key details contained in the JC report reveal:

– Collecting intelligence: The operation was the culmination of 19 days of intelligence work, in which secret agents and air surveillance participated. Israeli intelligence units worked around the clock to determine the exact locations of the hostages.

Disguise and deception: Israeli officers pretended to be families from Gaza to mingle and confirm the locations of the hostages. “They pretended to be two families from Gaza looking for a big house in Nuseirat, and they arrived in two old, cheap-looking cars loaded with household items typical of those displaced families in the Strip,” Perry said.

– Simultaneous attack: Commandos stormed both buildings at the same time to prevent the terrorists from endangering the hostages. The operation required precise timing and coordination to ensure the success of the two rescue teams.

– Unexpected resistance: The operation to rescue the second building faced major challenges due to the presence of a large number of terrorists. “They fired machine guns, threw grenades, and some even fired rocket-propelled grenades at the surprised Israelis,” Perry noted.

– Casualties and reinforcements: The operation witnessed violent clashes, with additional Israeli forces joining to secure the area and bring the hostages out safely. Dozens of Hamas fighters emerged from the tunnels, prompting a massive response from Israeli reinforcements, including tanks and air support.

– Result: All hostages were rescued, but Commander Zamora was mortally wounded during the mission. Efforts continued to save his life during the extraction process, but his death was declared upon his arrival in Israel.

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This operation highlights the complexity and risks of hostage rescue operations in conflict zones, and demonstrates the courage and precision of Israeli special forces. Perry described that “the Israeli forces tried, under continuous fire, to reach the rescue vehicle that was waiting for them, but they were hit by two RPG missiles,” stressing the risky nature of the mission.

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