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The ‘first’ graphic update for FFXIV will arrive in version 7.0


FFXIV It will get its first graphics update by the time the next expansion starts. Producer Naoki Yoshida sparked improvements over the “next ten years of Final Fantasy XIVA clip from the February 18, 2022 message from the producer’s live broadcast.

Although the game has received many improvements and updates to its visuals over the years, the team calls it FFXIVThe “first graphics upgrade” as a method for setting expectations. Calling it “first” means “second” and more will follow, allowing the team to implement changes in phases with testing. This development will continue until the releases of the 7.0 expansion. Yoshida also clarified that although these upgrades will likely change the minimum specifications required for the game on PC. However, they won’t drop their support for the PS4 version, at least through the 7.0 expansion. In fact, PS4 version improvements are being worked on to allow gamers to have more control over their graphics settings. Likewise, the game will continue to support as wide a range of hardware specifications as possible for PCs.

the first FFXIV The graphics update will target the appearance of the characters. This upgrade will include higher resolution textures, improved shaders, and lighting tweaks to improve the appearance of characters and in-game gear. Yoshida showed some results from the first month of testing high-resolution textures and shading, as well as experiments to improve the lighting on the characters. The results included a look at some of the players’ in-game races. He commented that Lalavell’s characters were the most difficult to improve, because their faces have few places where making things “more realistic” is clearly beneficial. Aesthetically, the team does not aim for the photo-realistic or intense detail that has been expressed in many of the standalone versions (Yoshida mentioned Horizon: Forbidden WestAn example of something that might be useless FFXIV).

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Check out the gallery below for screenshots from the presentation.

Yoshida also pointed out that FFXIV The graphics update will also affect some NPCs, which may be “rebuilt” to match changes to things like lighting or animation. He mentioned one character, Teledji Adeledji, who may receive updates due to her prominence in some important scenes in the story.

Some improvements will also extend to map visuals, with additional light sources for certain areas to make places look more interesting or atmospheric after Final Fantasy XIV Graphics upgrade. Other improvements include better metallic textures, better shadows, and an increase in memory limits for regions to allow more objects to be placed in the same space. Even things like auto-generated lawn will receive revisions. Yoshida display the test results before and after for game areas of Shadow sails And the Endwalker. Yoshida was quick to confirm that these were just test results. Some of the changes were intentionally exaggerated as a way of showing how things might change, and not reflect what “live” mods might look like.

The team plans to share more updates at future events.

Final Fantasy XIV Available immediately on PC, PS4, and PS5. There will be updates for Cape Westwind and the trust system.