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The former president has said that there is no agreement


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Returning to his Florida home, Donald Trump called a New York court on Tuesday a “disgrace to the nation” on a historic day in the United States when he broke his earlier formal impeachment.

‘Not a single case’: Donald Trump denounces his impeachment decision by New York court’s grand jury

Hours after appearing in court in New York, Donald Trump hammered that there was “nothing unusual” about his charges. He pleaded not guilty to most of the charges against him on Tuesday.

‘I never imagined this was possible in America’: Trump speaks from Florida

“I never imagined this would be possible in America,” Donald Trump exclaimed about his impeachment, hours after his court appearance in New York on Tuesday evening.

“The only crime I have committed is to fearlessly defend our country against those who seek to destroy it,” the former US president condemned during a speech to his supporters on Tuesday. -A-Lago, Florida.

Donald Trump returns to Florida after his historic appearance in New York

The former US president is due to return to his historic appearance in front of the cameras from 2:15am (Paris time) in a 2016 fraud case involving payments to a porn star.

‘Nothing illegal was done’: Trump issues first reaction to New York allegations

On his social networking site Truth Social, Donald Trump said in 2016 that “nothing illegal was done,” so “there is no case.” He will speak from his home in Florida at 2:15 a.m. Paris time.

Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer says ‘the law is the same for all’

The New York prosecutor who oversaw the investigation that led to Donald Trump’s historic indictment insisted Tuesday that no one is above the law.

“The law is the same for everyone,” Alvin Bragg told reporters. And, “No matter who you are,” he said, “we can’t normalize, we don’t trivialize serious crimes.”

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Donald Trump moved from New York to his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida

Donald Trump took off from New York on his plane to reach his private residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Prosecutor Alvin Bragg said 34 false statements were made to cover up other crimes

Attorney Alvin Bragg accused Donald Trump of “34 false statements […] Conducted to cover up other crimes”. According to New York prosecutors, “2016 election-related crimes”.

He condemned Donald Trump’s “serious crimes”.

The judge has announced that Donald Trump’s trial will begin in January 2024

A criminal trial in the impeachment trial against former US President Donald Trump will begin in January 2024, a judge in Manhattan Criminal Court in New York said on Tuesday.

The former White House tenant, who wants to return there in November 2024, has very clearly pleaded “not guilty” to 34 charges.

Judge Juan Mercant said the trial could begin as early as next January, with Donald Trump’s lawyers seeking spring 2024 in the historic trial.

Trump lawyer slams ‘tragic’ allegation, vows to fight it

A lawyer for Donald Trump has condemned the former president’s “tragic” accusation and vowed to fight it.

“The indictment is a standard text (…) It’s really disappointing,” Todd Blanche told reporters. According to him, Donald Trump is “frustrated”, “regretful” but “resolute”.

Trump’s indictment related to payments to cover up three complicated cases before the 2016 election

Donald Trump has been indicted by a New York judge for making a series of payments to cover up three embarrassing cases before the 2016 presidential election, a Manhattan attorney said Tuesday.

Trump Tower doorman who said he had information about hidden child paid $30,000 to keep quiet; A woman who posed as a former mistress received $150,000 to remain discreet, and a porn star received $130,000 to cover up an extramarital affair, elaborate attorney Alvin Bragg said in a press release.

Donald Trump acquitted without judicial review by Manhattan Criminal Court

Donald Trump was acquitted by Manhattan Criminal Court without judicial review after appearing in New York on Tuesday.

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Donald Trump leaves a New York courthouse

Donald Trump leaves a New York court where he pleaded guilty to 34 charges.

CNN Reporter Says ‘Trump Thinks He’ll Get A Lot Of Support If He’s Victimized And Attacked’

According to CNN Washington correspondent Stephen Collinson, Donald Trump “hopes that being victimized and attacked for his political campaign will allow him to garner a lot of support”.

“We will hear him say that he was persecuted for political reasons,” said the American journalist.

Donald Trump has pleaded guilty to the charges against him

Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to the charges against him in his appearance Tuesday before a judge in the wake of the Stormy Daniels case.

According to American media CBS, 34 charges have been filed against the former US president.

First picture of Donald Trump in a courtroom in New York

US media are now releasing the first footage of the former US president appearing in a courtroom in the Stormy Daniels case. The judge should inform him of the charges.

Donald Trump is now in front of a judge

Donald Trump, who arrived at a New York court an hour ago, is currently going before a judge to appear in the Stormy Daniels case.

Joe Biden Says Donald Trump’s Appearance ‘Not a Priority’

Donald Trump’s current appearance is “not a priority” for the current president of the United States, a White House spokesman said today.

Donald Trump thinks it’s “too real” to appear in court

Donald Trump thinks it’s “very real” that Stormy Daniels will appear in Manhattan Criminal Court for the case.

“I’m…going to court. This seems so surrealistic – wow they’re going to arrest me. Can’t believe this is happening in America,” she wrote on her platform.TruthSocial.

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Donald Trump was arrested after arriving at a New York court

Donald Trump is set to be indicted in Manhattan Criminal Court on fraud charges related to a 2016 payment to a porn star.

Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower to go to court in Manhattan

Donald Trump left Trump Tower to attend a Manhattan court in New York where he will be formally charged in the Stormy Daniels case.

What do we blame the former US president for?

Donald Trump has been accused of using his company’s funds to buy the silence of an actress who allegedly had an affair with a porn star. The transaction was reportedly completed during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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What awaits Donald Trump when he appears

The former president had to submit to a ritual familiar to all defendants: to give his name, age, occupation, be fingerprinted and have his photograph taken – the famous “mugshot”, the source of so much public humiliation for United’s stars. In the states.

But his special status may require some changes to the routine, and there’s no telling that things will go as planned.

According to his lawyer Joe Tacobina, he will not be handcuffed but will have to walk through the courtroom in front of the media.

Trump arrived in New York on Monday, the day before his appearance

Former US President Donald Trump arrives at his iconic New York hotel, Trump Tower, ahead of his appearance in a criminal court on Monday.

A few of his political supporters were waiting to denounce his meddling in the election, notably the lawyer Alvin Bragg.

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