April 14, 2024

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The Garage Museum in Moscow has stopped the protest

The Moscow Museum issues a press release condemning the “human tragedy” of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Protests are also coming from within. Garage, Moscow’s contemporary art museum, also speaks out as the international community prepares to retaliate for the Ukrainian invasion launched by Vladimir Putin. A news release was released today, Saturday The official website of the company Announces its decision to suspend its activities to oppose the Kremlin policy:

“The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Group has decided to stop working on all of its exhibitions until the political and human tragedies playing in Ukraine cease. This natural illusion cannot be complied with when such events occur.”

“The garage has always been an international company, open to many opinions,” the statement continued. “We categorically oppose any act that sows division and promotes loneliness. We consider ourselves part of a larger world that is not divided by war.”

The panel assures that “their commitment to all artists whose projects have been postponed” will be respected, and concludes by calling for an “immediate end to conflict”.

Barriers to the international community

After weeks of tensions around pro-Russian separatist areas of Ukraine, the Russian president launched an offensive at dawn on Thursday. Kiev, the port city of Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov, and several cities in the country, including Kharkiv and Kramdorsk, the second-largest city, were hit by heavy bombardment.

Several protests have erupted in Russia since Vladimir Putin’s attack. Hundreds of arrests have been made within the country during the banned protests against the Ukrainian invasion. Russian tennis player Andrei Rublev in the United Arab Emirates for the Dubai Open wrote the words “No War Please” on the camera that filmed him after qualifying for the final on Friday.

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The European Union, the United States, Japan and Canada have announced sanctions against Russia. Following the NATO summit, France on Friday announced the deployment of troops in neighboring Ukraine.