May 30, 2024

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The Governor of Florida passed legislation ending Disney World’s favorable position

The Governor of Florida passed legislation ending Disney World’s favorable position

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis signed a law into law on Friday that would take effect in June 2023, removing the favorable position for Disney World Amusement Park and preserving some progressive themes that were not appreciated by elected Republicans.

With the special status granted at the time of the construction of the recreation site near Orlando in the 1960s, Disney was exempted from most state regulations and guaranteed in exchange for many essential public services such as garbage collection, firefighters or water purification. Some elected officials fear that the abolition of this status will shift the debt to local governments.

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Degenerate relationship

Bob Sapek, Disney’s CEO, has spoken out against the governor’s ban on teaching sexual orientation or gender identity lessons in elementary school. Relations between Disantis and Disney have recently deteriorated. This text was nicknamed by its opponents “Don’t call me gay” (“Don’t talk about homosexuals”)

Initially, according to a leaked insider, Bob Sapek was reluctant to take a stand on the text. Disney employees protested“Indifference” Calls for group and boycott began to spread on social media, eventually leading to the CEO coming out against the law.

“You are a company headquartered in Burbank, California, and you are using your economic power to attack parents in my state. We see this as a provocation and we will fight it. “, Mr. Disantis said Friday when he signed the speech. Disney’s theme park near Orlando is one of the most visited in the world and the Disney brand is a favorite among Americans.

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