May 28, 2024

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The ice rink at Coachella by Frank Ocean before it was cancelled

The ice rink at Coachella by Frank Ocean before it was cancelled


Frank Ocean

Watch the ice skating rink at Coachella…

Oh, what could it be

Frank OceanThe Coachella performance was originally set to feature an ice rink… and while those plans were eventually scrapped, TMZ has its first look at what could have been.

We got photos and video of Frank’s ice rink, which was set up about 50 yards from the main stage before he pulled the plug on the elaborate performance.

Pictures are from ice rink rehearsals the previous Tuesday Weekend at Coachella 1 …and the people who were there say the security around the rink was pretty tight, with Frank not wanting to spoil anything about the frozen group beforehand.

It looks cool…and it might just turn out to be one of the biggest “what ifs” in Coachella history…because the ice rink didn’t make it into Frank’s set on Sunday.

TMZ broke the story… Frank He injured his ankle on the festival grounds leading up to its show, which caused some last-minute changes, including the placement of the ice rink.

Sources close to the production told TMZ… that ice skaters who rehearsed for Frank’s performance found out 3 hours before he took the stage Sunday that the rink plans had been cancelled.

Frank ended up performing without the ice rink, showing up an hour late and delivering what many festival-goers felt Poor performance.

TMZ broke the story… Frank drop out as the headliner in Weekend 2 on Wednesday, citing a broken leg and sprained ankle.

We’re told the snowboarders got an email Thursday telling them they wouldn’t be performing the second weekend. They will only be paid for a month of rehearsals, plus practice and performance on 1 weekend.

It’s interesting… Sources say Frank was very nice, hands-on and amazing to work with for the first half of the month-long rehearsals leading up to Coachella, but about halfway through everything changed and Frank became very reserved and would sit in the corner. And do not interact with the performers.

Oh, what could it be. 😔

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