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The IDF says that 21 security forces, including 24 Israeli soldiers, Khan Younes, who was killed Monday in Gaza, are “surrounded” by an adviser to President Biden in Cairo to discuss the hostages… What to remember from the conflict in the Middle East this Tuesday, January 23 – Liberation

The IDF says that 21 security forces, including 24 Israeli soldiers, Khan Younes, who was killed Monday in Gaza, are “surrounded” by an adviser to President Biden in Cairo to discuss the hostages… What to remember from the conflict in the Middle East this Tuesday, January 23 – Liberation

War between Hamas and IsraelDocument

Most of the information on the war between Hamas and Israel since this Tuesday, January 23.

This Monday, January 22nd, a review of the news surrounding the Middle East war. To find Monday's recap, it's here.

Joe Biden's adviser is in Cairo to discuss hostages and a new ceasefire in the fighting. Brett McGurk has a busy schedule. Joe Biden's adviser on the Middle East, he is currently in the region to discuss a “cease” in hostilities in Gaza to free hostages held by Hamas. White House spokesman John Kirby said that the ambassador of the US president “Located in Cairo” Tuesday and will make other stops in the region. And “One of the things he's discussing is the possibility of a new hostage release, which would require a short humanitarian pause.” Invited Kirby for discussions “Serious”. “We will be in favor of the long run The week we had earlier If it allows us to get the hostages out and bring more humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. He continued.

24 Israeli soldiers, including 21 Israeli security forces, were killed on Monday, the highest daily toll for the IDF. An Israeli army spokesman announced on Tuesday, January 23, that 24 soldiers had died, including 21 soldiers. “Allocators”, was killed the previous day in the Gaza Strip. This is the highest daily toll by Israel since it launched a ground offensive against the Palestinian enclave on October 27. General Daniel Hagari explained during a televised press conference that most of these reservists were killed by the blast.“A Harp” (shoulder-launched rocket) targets a tank and building mined by the military in the south of the Gaza Strip with the intention of demolishing it.

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“Forces are working to destroy terrorist buildings and infrastructure […]600 meters from the border” between Gaza and Israel, the official explained during a televised press conference. “Around 4 pm, an RPG rocket was reportedly fired by terrorists at a tank providing security to the force.”He continued. “At the same time”An explosion blew apart two buildings “It collapsed in an instant, when most of the power was still inside or nearby.”. Buildings were largely cut down for destruction. It was not clear Tuesday why they exploded earlier than expected.

Earlier, the Army had published the identities of ten of these reservists on its website. “We worked until the last hour to find the victims.”General Hagari announced, noting the difficulty of extracting bodies buried under the rubble. “War has a heavy, very heavy price. Our reservationists sacrificed what they loved most so that we could all live here safely. he added.

IDF declares Khan Younes “surrounded”. Israeli forces announced on Tuesday “surrounded” Khan Yunis, the main city in the south of the territory, is where local Hamas leaders are hiding, according to Israel. Hometown of Yahya Sinauwar, the architect of the October 7 attacks and the Gaza leader of Hamas. Fierce fighting between the Israeli army and Palestinian Hamas continued on Tuesday amid talks to “pause” the war for a few weeks, with no long-term solution in sight. Early Tuesday morning, Palestinian witnesses reported Israeli artillery fire near Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, a major city in the south of the territory where local Hamas leaders are hiding, according to Israel. The Palestinian Red Cross accused the Israeli army of firing artillery and drones on the fourth floor of its headquarters, injuring people sheltering in the compound of the medical complex. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), “Fight Intensifies” In the city, the Israeli military said it had taken control of Hamas command posts on Monday.

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Mathilde Panot will be at the event to pay tribute to the French victims of Hamas. The head of the LFI delegation, Mathilde Panot, announced this Tuesday that she will attend Emmanuel Macron's tribute in Paris on February 7 to the French victims of attacks by the Islamist movement Hamas in Israel. “I'll be there […] I asked that tribute be paid to all the French people who died in this war in the Middle EastRebel MP during a press conference I believe we should pay tribute […] For Franco-Israelis and Franco-Palestinians who died in war crimes committed by Hamas or in war crimes committed by Netanyahu.

“On February 7, at the Memorial to the Victims of Terrorism” Located on the Esplanade des Invalides in Paris, “I pay tribute to these victims, their loved ones, their families and all those who wish to join us.”, Emmanuel Macron said last week. The Head of State recalled that France was “She lost her 41 children” In these attacks. La France insoumise created controversy after the October 7 attacks, particularly by refusing to qualify Hamas as a “terrorist” group.

A two-month ceasefire? Israel announced a two-month truce to Hamas, brokered by Egypt and Qatar, on Monday evening to end fighting and attacks in Gaza in exchange for the release of all hostages. US site Axios. The proposal did not mark the end of the war in Gaza, but a second ceasefire a week later allowed the release of a hundred hostages in exchange for at least 240 Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. Israel's proposal provides for the return of live hostages to Israel and remains in several phases, the first of which would include women and men over the age of 60, according to Axios. This was followed by female soldiers, men under 60 but not in the military, male Israeli soldiers, and then the remnants of the hostages. As part of the plan, Israel and Hamas would have to agree in advance on the number of Palestinian prisoners released in exchange for each hostage, according to their division, Axios continues.

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Israel still rejects the “two-state solution”.. If the Netanyahu government does discuss a ceasefire, it refuses to consider the long term “Two State Solution”, an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, European foreign ministers lamented on Monday. At the meeting in Brussels, the latter met in turn, and separately, their Israeli counterparts Israeli Katz and Palestinian Riyad al-Maliki. Katz said he would seek European support for Israel's war against Hamas and the release of hostages. “The (Israeli) minister could have used his time better and was concerned about the security of his country and the high number of deaths in Gaza.”Joseph Borrell, head of European diplomacy, was annoyed by Israeli refusal to discuss a two-state solution. “What other solutions are they thinking of?” Borel asked. “Make all the Palestinians leave? Kill them?” he added. Israelis “Sowing seeds of hatred for generations to come”.

Updated at 11:15 am. With a new assessment on the part of the Israeli military.