February 24, 2024

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The Israeli army has announced that it has recovered the bodies of two hostages

The Israeli army has announced that it has recovered the bodies of two hostages

The Israeli army announced on Tuesday, December 12 that it had recovered the bodies of two hostages in the Gaza Strip during a military operation. “During an operation in Gaza, the bodies of hostages Eden Zakaria and (soldier) Ziv Tado were recovered and brought to Israel”The IDF said in a press release, without immediately specifying when the operation took place. Follow our live stream.

Thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed “Friendly Fire”. The Israeli military said more than a tenth of its soldiers killed in Gaza were later killed “Friendly Fire”. “Since the commencement of earthworks till date, 105 people have died, 20 of them in accidents” A spokesperson said. Thirteen soldiers were killed “Friendly Fire”Seven others were involved in accidents involving vehicles or weapons.

Hamas accuses Israel of attacking a hospital. Hamas’ health ministry blamed the Israeli army “Kamal Advan Hospital Attacked”, located in the north of the Gaza Strip. This establishment “Besieged and Bombarded” According to this source, by Israeli forces for several days. “They are rounding up the men, including the medical staff, in the hospital yard, and we fear that the medical staff will be arrested or killed.”he added.

A resolution on the ceasefire is expected at the UN General Assembly. The United Nations will vote on the requested resolution on Tuesday “Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire” In the Gaza Strip. The UN continues to warn of a catastrophic situation in the Palestinian territories, where the humanitarian organization exists. “At the Breaking Point”. A draft text calling for a humanitarian ceasefire was vetoed by the US at the Security Council on Friday.

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Washington is concerned about Israel’s use of white phosphorus. Publication of an article The Washington PostWashington is worried about Israel’s claims that it used US-made white phosphorus munitions during attacks on southern Lebanon in October. We’re going to ask questions to find out a little more.”, said John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council. Phosphorus bombs are incendiary weapons that are banned for use against civilians, but not against military targets. A treaty was signed in Geneva in 1980.