May 29, 2024

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The junta says Mohamed Basoom “tried to escape”.

The junta says Mohamed Basoom “tried to escape”.

The deposed President Mohammad Basoom ISSOUF SANOGO / AFP

The ousted president, who had been held as a prisoner since the July coup, is said to have tried to escape. The rulers said his attempt had “failed”.

Niger’s military junta, which came to power in a coup at the end of July, confirmed on Thursday evening, October 19, that ousted President Mohamed Bassum has been in custody since his ouster. “trying to escape”, in vain. Thursday, “At around 3am, deposed President Mohamed Basoom tried to escape from his detention along with his family, two of his cooks and two security guards”The regime’s spokesman, Colonel Major Amato Abdramane, noted the initiative on national television. “failure” And “Main criminals and some of their accomplices” He was arrested.


According to Colonel Major Amadou Abdramanev, Mohamed Basoom’s escape plan was originally intended to take him away. “In a hideout on the outskirts of Niamey”Before taking loan “Foreign Power Owned Helicopters”, without specifying which towards Nigeria. condemns “Irresponsible Attitude” Mohamed Basoomin did not say where the ousted president was on Thursday evening.

The latter refused to step down after the July 26 coup and was imprisoned along with his wife Hasiza and his son Salem at his home in the presidential palace. On September 18, he took legal action in West Africa to demand his release and the restoration of constitutional order in Niger. Several countries and organizations continue to call for his release, but the ruling military regime remains intransigent.

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