April 19, 2024

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The King of Morocco is once again reaching out to Algeria

The King of Morocco is once again reaching out to Algeria

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI reiterated ” once again “ During a traditional speech marking the anniversary of his ascension to the throne, he reached out to Algeria despite the breakdown in relations between the two Maghreb neighbors. “We want to work with the Algerian presidency so that Morocco and Algeria can work hand in hand to establish normal relations between the two brotherly peoples”The sovereign said in a radio and television address to the nation on Saturday, July 30.

“I reiterate that the borders that separate the Moroccan people and the fraternal Algerian people will never be an obstacle to prevent their communication and understanding”He stressed, stressed the Moroccans “To preserve the spirit of brotherhood, solidarity and good neighborliness in relation to our Algerian brothers”. Last year, amid the crisis with Algiers, he had already chosen the Algerian idea.

Mohammed VI promised “Find a way out of the current situation and promote harmony and understanding between the two peoples”. Algeria cuts diplomatic ties with Morocco in August 2021, blames Rabat“hostile acts”. A conclusion “Totally unfair”, according to Rabat. The main dispute between the two Maghreb heavyweights concerns the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

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At the center of tensions, Western Sahara

The status of this former Spanish colony, considered “Non-Self-Governing Territory” By the UN, the Sahrawi separatists of the Polisario Front, which has opposed Morocco since the 1970s, are backed by Algiers. Rabat, which controls nearly 80% of the territory, supports an autonomy plan under its sovereignty. The Polisario has called for a referendum on self-determination under the UN.

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In addition, Algeria, a supporter of the Palestinian cause, did not miss the opportunity to criticize the growing cooperation with Morocco, especially the military. “Zionist Institute” (Israel). trigger “Moroccans Accused of Insulting Algeria and Algerians”King Serifian considered them to be true “Irresponsible persons trying to sow discord between two brotherly peoples”. “These rumors about Moroccan-Algerian relations are completely nonsensical and truly appalling”He insisted.

In the rest of his speech with a strong socio-economic tone, King Serifian set national priorities: the reform of the Family Code in favor of women’s rights, social security, price control – in an international context of inflationary pressures – and a vaccine to fight Covid-19. Reformed King VI, 58, has ruled Morocco since July 1999 when he succeeded his father, Hassan II.

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