June 24, 2024

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The LGBT community is shocked by the attack near Norway’s oldest gay hostel

The LGBT community is shocked by the attack near Norway’s oldest gay hostel

The roar of the tram, the few cries of the sea tigers and the deafening silence. The Norwegian capital awoke on Saturday, June 25, after a series of assassinations in the city center on the eve of the last day of Oslo Pride, a week-long celebration of the LGBT community. At around 1am, a mysterious person took a gun and opened fire on those attending the ceremony. It killed two and injured 21, according to a provisional report, hitting Norway in the center of its capital and its progressive values.

We are in the center of the gay district. It is an attack against everything we have built, a model of tolerance, acceptance of others. ⁇ Tron-Petter Aunaas, a resident of Oslo

Sunglasses were checked on the blue dress and eyes, and 24-year-old Tran-Peter Aunas replaced two rainbow flags at the foot of the garlands laid at the intersection of Pilestraet and Rosengrands streets, which were blocked by police. The square draws a triangle. Tron-Better points to three bars at the ends. “These are bars for homosexuals. We are in the center of the gay district in Oslo. Everyone here knows it. It is an attack on everything we have built, a model of tolerance, acceptance of others. ” He was condemned, stunned. By the time he woke up in the morning to the anxious calls of his relatives, he had gone there at night to photograph himself in the crowd.

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Oslo wins amid LGBT celebrations

This Friday, June 24, was held in the Norwegian capital Largest annual LGBT party In the country, a week-long celebration and music is considered to attract more crowds than a national holiday. The night began to turn white and happy. Lady Gaga was spit on by a giant sound system installed at Studenterlunden, a park in central Oslo.

Dozens of gay and lesbian couples roamed freely between facades adorned with rainbow flags. Some even drew a feverish dance step on the asphalt as the hours progressed, in the half-light of northern summer nights. “An Inclusive and Progressive City for All of Us”Yet the mayor, Marianne Borgen, was greeted in the evening, during a reception at the town hall.

More than a dozen shootings took place near a London pub at around 1am. A company, the oldest bar in the capital and the center of Oslo Pride celebrations on Norwegian night. “Without the London Pub, Oslo would not be Oslo”Joachim summarizes Oslo nine years by adoption. “Eleven years on, I’m never seen this. Breathless, Haggard, Martin Hollingstadt, 45, works for the event. Of course we have those who complain directly, but as long as it goes on. If he, frankly, “, He frowns, pointing to where the killer entered. A friend of his who was shot in the shoulder has been admitted to hospital this morning.

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