June 13, 2024

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The Lions send 7 reps, including GM Brad Holmes, to Pro Kayvon Thibodeaux in Oregon

The Lions send 7 reps, including GM Brad Holmes, to Pro Kayvon Thibodeaux in Oregon

for each source, Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes was in Oregon on Friday for a party Oregon Ducks Professional Day – One of the few days left on the Professional Day circuit. But it wasn’t just him. According to Jim Nagy, CEO of the Senior Bowl, Black sent a total of seven employees to Professional DayMore than any other team.

The main attraction on Oregon Pro Day is the overgrown Kayvon Thibodeaux ledge. He is expected to be in the top 10 and should play a big role in the Lions’ second overall selection.

For most of the college football season, Thibodeaux was widely seen as the best prospect in this year’s class by draft analysts. While his play in 2021 may not be as flashy as Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson, he still had a very productive season with 49 tackles, 12.0 tackles to lose and 7.0 sacks in 10 games en route to an American consensus show.

Thibodeaux may be the purest passing player in this year’s category and the most typical defender to go around the corner. His athletic traits may not be quite as shocking as Georgian Travon Walker, but he is still considered an elite when it comes to his speed and power:

As a passing rusher, Thibodeaux was a killer in his three-year career in Oregon, producing 19.0 sacks in 30 games. In 2021, Obtained 91.5 Peak Passing Scorewhich was the best in Pac-12 and fourth best among all the Power Five schools in his position.

This week at the NFL owners meeting, Holmes noted that with the top two selected, the Lions need a player capable of changing the entire complexity of the game.

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“I’ve always said we want to change the rules of the game in this selection,” Holmes said.

I think it is fair to say Thibodeaux qualifies:

Lately, though, Thibodeaux’s work ethic has been – fair or unfairly – challenged. Refers to plays that seem to have taken off. Others – less fair – challenged his love of football due to outside interests. The young defender did not do himself any favors when he withdrew NFL rehearsals after he initially said he would.

Thibodeaux will have the opportunity to respond to some of those concerns by conducting on-field training sessions in Oregon, and possibly speaking with some teams to ask any questions about his motivation and passion for football. Holmes will undoubtedly do his research while he’s there.

When it comes to playing Thibodeaux on the court, there aren’t many holes. Not only was he a very productive person in college, but his physical nature really helps stop running as well. If we get tough, Thibodeaux’s rushing arsenal of passes will likely need to expand professionally, despite college productions. But a positive spin on it is that if Thibodeaux gets some improvement by the NFL coaches, he could be one of the most elite passing players in the league.