June 21, 2024

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The Lords of the Fallen - New screenshots

The Lords of the Fallen – New screenshots

publisher CI Games and developer hexworks I released a new set of screenshots for The fallen lords.

Below is an overview of the game, via file Steam page:


The fallen lords It introduces a whole new epic RPG Adventure Set in a vast, interconnected world five times larger than the original game.

After an era of cruelest tyranny, the demon god, Adir, was finally defeated. But gods…don’t fall forever. Now, eons later, Adder’s resurrection is drawing near. As one of the legendary Dark Crusaders, journey through the realms of the living and the dead in this expansive RPG experience, featuring massive boss battles, challenging fast-paced combat, exciting character encounters, and deep and immersive storytelling. Will your legend be of light… or a legend of darkness?

Dare to hope.

  • Explore vast, interconnected worlds – Journey across two vast, parallel worlds on your epic quest to overthrow the Adyr. While the living world presents its own brutal challenges, unspeakable fears lurk in the terrifying realm of the dead.
  • Select your own legend – Fully customize your character’s appearance from a wide range of visual options, before selecting one of the nine character classes. Whichever starting path you take, evolve your character to your playstyle by upgrading stats, weapons, armor, and spells.
  • Master fast and fluid tactical combat Only those who have mastered deep tactical combat can hope to survive. Choose from hundreds of unique monstrous weapons, or forfeit minerals to enchant with devastating arcane attacks.
  • Unite or fight online multipleexpertise The expansive single-player campaign stand alone, or invite a second player to join your uninterrupted online adventure cooperative. But be careful – heroes from other worlds can invade.
  • Use the evil power device Your lantern has the evil power to cross between worlds. Use this dark art to reach forgotten places, discover legendary treasures, and even manipulate your opponent’s soul.
  • He rises from the dead – Fall into the world of the living, and rise again… into the world of the dead. You now have one last chance to return to your lived state, as all manner of infernal creatures descend upon you.

Key Features

  • Dive into two vast parallel worlds – the world of the living… and the dead.
  • Master a fast, smooth and challenging combat system.
  • Unleash devastating magic attacks and buff characters.
  • Invite another player to join your campaign in seamless online multiplayer.
  • Encounter a large cast of characters, eager to offer a questionable hand…
  • Fully customize your unique character.
  • Choose from nine starting character classes, including Knight, Rogue, and Fire Apprentice.

The fallen lords scheduled out for Playstation 5And Xbox seriesAnd PC via steam in 2023.

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View screenshots in the gallery.