May 25, 2024

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The man dislocates his shoulder and celebrates The Price Is Right

The man dislocates his shoulder and celebrates The Price Is Right

last week in The price is rightTwo of my favorite things on TV have happened: someone won big Prize in a game show, a man was injured. And easily, both happened in the same 30 seconds.

These are screenshots from the contestant Henry successfully guesses the price of a Hawaiian vacation – which means he and his family win vacation in hawaii –Then they celebrated accordingly, jumping all over the place while host Drew Carey got excited In the background:

Sadly, that celebration came at a cost: at some point between Curry closing in and having to turn, Henry dislocated his shoulder, and while the adrenaline seemed to carry him through those first exhilarating seconds, by the time he was actually Spin the wheel the poor guy wasn’t looking so good.

Looking timid and in great pain, Henry had to be helped back onto the stage by an employee and his wife, Alice, who was then designated as the one to spin the wheel.

Which she did, and she did one hell of a job in unexpected shoe-to-shoes TV The game show cameo, touchdown 95, which prompted last with one arm Celebrating before Drew reminds the guy, “Don’t hurt yourself.”

Show team says Henry is feeling better and healed now,” and is ready to head off on his big vacation. At the conclusion of this (ultimately) happy story I’d just like to say, first of all, congratulations Henry, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Second, I want to applaud the NBC writer for withholding this gag in their writing:

She’s proven to have her magic touch, too, spinning a 95, showing that she can definitely (take off) the load.

And third, damn it, Drew Carey look great.