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The Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 6: Miss Teddy, Armadillo Unmasked

The Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 6: Miss Teddy, Armadillo Unmasked

brake alert: Don’t read in advance if you haven’t watched Season 7, Episode 6, ofmasked singer“The Double Mask-Off – Round 2 Finals,” which aired April 13 on Fox.

The mystery of host Nick Cannon’s missing shirt on Wednesday’s episode of “The Masked Singer” has yet to be resolved, but the show has sent a masked celebrity on its latest tour. This means that two other contestants were eliminated in a double exit from this week’s show: Dwan’bounty hunter dogChapman as an armadillo, and Jennifer Holiday Like Miss Teddy.

Armadillo aka Chapman was voted for after singing the traditional hymn “Amazing Grace”. Previous songs he has sung have included “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers and “I’m Fighting the Law” by Bobby Fuller Four.

As for Holliday, she sang the role of Miss Teddy by artist Duffy. Prior to that, she sang “Tell It to My Heart” by Taylor Dane and “Tell Me You Love Me” by Demi Lovato.

Committee member Ken Jeong said of Miss Teddy’s exit, “This may be the biggest upset in the history of ‘The Masked Singer’.”

As for the armadillo, Jenny McCarthy Walberg and Nicole Scherzinger got it right with Dog the Bounty Hunter. Robin Thicke thought it was Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ken Jeong fired Al Pacino – to the laughter of the audience and his fellow panelists. Guest Leslie Jordan thought it was Gary Posey.

As for Miss Teddy, Nicole Scherzinger got it right with Jennifer Holiday, and guest Leslie Jordan agreed. Guess Ken Jeong Yolanda Adams. Robin Thicke thought it was gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg went with Gloria Gaynor.

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(Previous guesses about an armadillo have included Chuck Norris, Eric Estrada, Vin Diesel, Gary Busey, Jay Leno, William H. Macy, Tommy Lee Jones and Al Pacino. Previous guesses about Miss Teddy Lauren Hill, Vanessa Williams, Jill Scott and C.E. Winans have included and CeCe Peniston, Loretta Devine, Gloria Gaynor, and Jennifer Hudson. Yolanda Adams and Mavis Staples.)

Last week’s “huge clue” to an armadillo/chapman was keys and a motorcycle, while he played “Leader of the Pack.”

“Let me paint a picture of who I once was,” Chapman said, like an armadillo, during this week’s guide pack. “Even though I’m a good team, I used to be bad. I mean behind bars kind of bad. I was on the fast track for being on the road. Until I got advice that shook me in my shell. I was told I had the power to change my life. I just had to find My passion and my faith. So tonight is a song my mother sang to me to get through those rough times. My bond with her is what will put me in the end. Mom, this is for you.”

Last week’s “huge proof” of Miss Teddy/Holiday was a Grammy Award.

“Some might say my career is a masterpiece,” Holiday said in this week’s guide package as Miss Teddy. “As a little puppet, I didn’t know what I was going to do. So I followed my heart and took a chance. I was so nervous the first audition, and I got the job! And it turned out to be the only audition I had to do. I had instant success. But it wasn’t easy.” I’ve had ups and downs. I was afraid that if I didn’t use my talent, no one would love me. But my fans made me realize that wasn’t right. So tonight, I want to make the finals for them, to give them back the love they’ve given me for decades. It means all something for me.”

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Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman as Armadillo and Jennifer Holliday as Miss Teddy join the list of unmasked celebrities that also include Penn and Teller as Hydra, Christie Brinkley as Lemur, Jorge Garcia as Cyclops and Jordan Mailata as Thingamabob and Duff Goldman as McTerrier and Joe Buck as The Ram.

The final showdown featured Chapman as an armadillo, Holiday as Miss Teddy, and the Ringmaster’s “one way or another” unconvincing performance by Blondie. Ringmaster (“Team Good”) and Firefly (“Team Good”) are now set to final.

“The Masked Singer” entered the seventh season with 15 contestants, divided into “Good, Bad and Liked”. This season’s costumes include THE GOOD: Ringmaster, Armadillo, McTerrier, Firefly and Frog Prince; The Bad: Hydra, Ram, Jack in the Box, Cyclops, Queen Cobra; Beloved: Baby Mammoth, Thingamabob, Lemur, Space Bunny, Miss Teddy.

Season seven contestants boast 112 movie appearances, 15 Grammy nominations, eight Emmy nominations, seven Super Bowl performances, two Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, and two world records.

In another change, the show’s panelists don’t appear to be competing for the Golden Ear award based on their first impressions of every convincing artist (which McCarthy won twice, but Scherzinger won last season) this season.

Here was the other contestant and their performance on Night Six:

Ringmaster, “The Masked Singer”

Ringmaster (“good team”)

Song: “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton
Audio commentary: “Looking at the canvas of my life, I remember my first day at a prestigious school, when I was just a little kid. I was surrounded by some of the best, and I wondered if I’d be good enough. And it pushed me to work even harder. I’ve always been doing something My own, and my guides wanted to join the crowd. So I did. I’d never been part of a group before. And we did our best to make it work, but I knew I wanted more. So I took the opportunity to do something completely different. And it has been paying off for the past 10 years. Tonight, there’s no clown. This ringmaster will be center stage in the finals.”
clues: NASA, hula collars, laughing emoji, “Welcome to Nashville,” rigging, “B-,” sign “No” over holiday elf doll, “A++”
Interview: “For me it means that the world will come to an end. Music is my first love. And I will only be honored to be able to continue performing on this stage for all of you.”
Panel guesses: Sarah Hyland, Noah Cyrus, Casey Musgraves, Maren Morris
Previous songs: “Climbing” by Miley Cyrus; Super Bass by Nicki Minaj
Previous Commission Estimates: Olivia Rodrigo, Kacey Musgraves, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Alanis Morissette, Zara Larson