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The mystery of the banana tree’s green water: When ignorance breeds fear and hysteria on social networks


For two days, a few clicks make the film travel around Guadeloupe. It shows a surprising green wave breaking into land on the Bananian shore at Capsterre Belle-Eu. This was enough to free the site on social networks and suspect a new contamination. To the chagrin of the site’s fishermen, all these reactions are quite surprising

It has caused a lot of ink and words to flow since it became the new attraction of internet users. The water is glowing green and mysterious. Everyone just stops by to take photos and pictures before posting on social networks.

A ruckus in the presence of those using the site, the sailor-fishermen, who expressed no concern about this water, and for good reason: having been warned in advance of the action, they explained it to everyone. outs.


But what surprised them the most was that all the people who came to photograph this green water did not try to find out what was going on and did not ask them anything.


In fact, the move was organized for the inspection carried out before the widening of the Pananiyar Bridge.
A study of hydrology requires the use of a harmless marker, fluorescein. This will indicate to the technician the influence of the currents in the area which should be known before starting the construction of the Pananyar Bridge.

To calm any controversy about that, the Guadeloupe region clarified on Monday:

Fluorescein scattering enables us to specifically check whether the turbidity plume affects sensitive underwater species (corals and seagrasses) identified along the coast. A second propagation campaign will be carried out at the site in July to assess propagation during the wet season. These studies are also very useful in studying the causes of siltation at the level of fishing port. As a reminder, fluorescein is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly dye. The product is non-toxic and poses no risk to human health. This tracer is commonly used to map river water but is also used in drinking water networks. It has a strong response to natural light and UV rays. This dark red powder liner turns neon yellow-green when mixed with water.

Guadalupe region

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A bridge that can be widened only after appreciating the circulation of currents

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