June 20, 2024

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The new Indiana Jones movie limped off the box office

The new Indiana Jones movie limped off the box office

‘Indiana Jones’

The latest limp flick is out of the gate…

On track for a $60 million opening

Harrison FordThe recent rodeo as Indy doesn’t seem to spark much interest — the box office numbers, so far, are looking bad…and that could be Disney’s making.

Disney’s latest movie, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” took in $24 million on Friday — meaning the movie is on track for just $60-65 million through Sunday (and about $80 million or so through Tuesday). . Which, by most accounts, isn’t a very good start at all.

#Indiana Jones And #TheDialofDestiny Digging in to $24 million at the box office on Friday for an anticipated debut weekend in the $60 million range, it comes in at the lower end of expectations. https://t.co/Pd9W1rAb3C pic.twitter.com/oefvicFSId

– The Hollywood Reporter (THR) July 1, 2023

Those frosty expectations haven’t changed much from two months ago – when the film premiered in Cannes – and that’s a bad sign…at least from the outside looking in.

“Dial of Destiny” is said to have a budget of over $300 million (not including promo/marketing) – so it should have long legs in theaters for Disney and its partners. To get their money back, let alone make a profit on it. Right now, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen… especially with a few more blockbuster movies on the way for July.

Tom CruiseThe latest game “Mission: Impossible” will hit the big screen soon, as will “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan“Oppenheimer” – all of which are expected to work fairly decently.

As for why Harrison’s flick seems poised to be a flop… there are plenty of theories. Some say there’s a weariness to “Indiana Jones” in 2023 (HF reprized his role in his 80s), while others say this movie caters to an older audience (who may have a hard time getting into the theater).

One interesting take It has to do with the fact that Disney started allowing the movie – which has been getting mediocre to bad reviews – to come out too early…and the bad word-of-mouth may have caught up by now. There is also the truth of it Spielberg He doesn’t direct this one… although he did sign on and gave his blessing to the new screenplay/director.

Whatever the case, people don’t get excited to see an older (and in some cases, digitally retarded) Dr. Jones take on the Nazis anymore. The desire for this adventure ceased in the twentieth century.

Hot summer days are upon us…and not everyone is crossing the finish line.

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