April 20, 2024

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The news is growing and worrying I CNEWS

The news is growing and worrying I CNEWS

Social networks are currently abounding with videos encouraging young women to wear the veil in schools, or offering techniques to conceal their religious clothing in their institutions. The move comes as National Education says it is “closely monitoring” attacks on secularism.

political news. Dozens of videos have been circulating on social media showing teenage girls entering their schools wearing headscarves or traditional religious clothing.

On TikTok, many young girls dress up in abayas (religious dress teacher note) and explain what it’s like to go to high school in this outfit. “Put on a shoelace or a belt and put on pants underneath to cover your legs so you can’t be asked to take off your abaya,” said one of them, while another video shows two women (one wearing a turban and the other a full veil) filming themselves in a classroom, saying, “We want to rebel. Decided and decided to veil in classes” with the caption.

Faced with this plethora of messages of a religious and political nature, the Minister of National Education, Bob Ndiaye, promised this Friday that “all demonstrations and all statements that can be made on social networks or in schools. regarding violations. of Secularism“.

Two references from state services

This event is subject to both references of state services. The first, dated August 27, described the Intergovernmental Panel on Crime and Radicalization (CIPDR) and its content. ExpressHe pointed to the implementation of strategies on the part of the Islamist movement to convince young people to wear the “lawful” veil (a term given to a religious practice in Islam, editor’s note).

This note also mentions that these impulses are associated with prayer. Therefore, on social networks, some suggest techniques to isolate themselves in the establishment in order to pray. Others ask to leave school during prayer time, believing that “school is not a ‘legitimate’ excuse to remove one’s veil and delay prayer.”

Violations of secularism in schools are on the rise

The second note, dated September 16, reviews the past year and draws a significant conclusion. The document says the wearing of traditional Islamic clothing (kamis for men and abayas for women) is on the rise.

This note was sent to the Rectors and by extension the Directors of the Institutions. Because, in some cases, teachers who have asked students to respect the policy of secularism find their names on social networks. A process that has already been used, especially when Samuel Patty’s Massacre.

Recently, A teacher was threatened in ParisFor asking a high school student to remove her veil and enforce school-imposed secularism.

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