June 15, 2024

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The NFL sends a warning message to Bruce Aryan, the pirate

The NFL sends a warning message to Bruce Aryan, the pirate

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Decision to impose a suspension of one game on the recipient Mike Evans It was just part of the League’s reaction to the Sunday commotion between the Bucs and the Saints. The NFL also sent a letter to team and former head coach Bruce Arians.

According to a league source familiar with the situation, the NFL sent a warning letter to Aryan and the Buccaneers in the wake of Sunday’s incident.

Arians was on the bench area in general, but he was clearly wearing the white band assigned to officials, players and coaches during the melee. He was also clearly involved in the verbal side of the crack.

Warning details are unknown at this point. The Buccaneers are supposed to face potential penalties during the match, and Arians face potential discipline in the form of a fine or possibly a ban from the bench area. Regardless, you likely won’t get there.

“He will comply,” the source said.

The league recognizes that there is a potential problem of having a former head coach act as an unofficial agitator and/or act as if he is still a coach even though he is not. It’s good that the league closes it down quickly and decisively.

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