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“The night will be hard again,” warns Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko


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02:00 : franceinfo Live played extra time, but rests for a while at night. I will summarize the important information:

மக்கள் People in Kiev are hiding in air strikes shelters, while sirens sound at 8pm and rumors of a large-scale attack spread in the evening. Witnesses at the scene sparked several large-scale explosions around the capital. The latest information is here.

Western countries (especially the European Union and the United States) Swift reached an agreement to exempt several Russian banks from the bank transfer system And reduce the room for maneuvering by the Russian central bank. Many of them have also increased their shipments to Ukraine.

Hours of waiting, thousands of cars, tens of thousands of people fleeing to western Ukraine. Reported on Lviv, attacked by refugees.

XV of France Scored a blow Beat Scotland at Murrayfield (36-17) In a match with eight attempts.

This will start again when the live is restarted, and it will be with Juliette Campion.

01:54 : Ukrainian government posts a post on Twitter describing Russian misinformation tricks (Ukraine on Twitter)

01:51 : So, we do not really know, but considering the type of Twitter accounts that post this “information” (I intentionally keep quotes) on the social network, let me be very skeptical of this promise.

01:50 : Russian media say Ukrainian president has fled Kiev and is in Elviv, is this true?

01:48 : CNN reporter released this video in the evening, but I do not know if this is an explosion in the oil depot.

01:47 : This is very similar to the Russian method of targeting strategic bases located away from major cities. This will not prevent shootings in public places.

01:49 : @ ne34 The main information coming to us from the capital is the explosion of an oil depot located about 30 km from the Ukrainian capital. Kiev City Hall Invite people Close windows and give advice to people in trouble.

01:43 : Is there any news about the situation in Kiev?

01:42 : Volodymyr Zelensky News! At midnight Emmanuel Macron contacted him by phone. “The President of Ukraine thanked the French President for his contribution to the joint operations of the Swift Banking System and for his response to Ukraine’s request for defensive military equipment.”Says Elysee.

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01:38 : Russia acknowledges killing of its first soldier Local news agency Talk about his death During a special operation to protect the Donbass “.

01:32 : @louf So no, a single Chechen force sent by the local superpower Ramzan Kadyrov would not be enough to capture the capital (their number is estimated at about ten thousand soldiers). On the other hand, the presence of these powerful units near the Ukrainian capital has been proven by the Ukrainian media.

01:31 : Is it true that Chechen troops surrounded Kiev?

01:22 : On the sanctions against Russia, this journalist Financial Times Russia has about $ 630 billion in currency reserves, many of which are overseas. So there is a risk that international sanctions will dry up this war chest.

01:15 : CNN reporter speaks without knowing exactly what the two most powerful explosions so far have been near the airport.

01:11 : Liberation correspondent in Ukraine Stephen Siohan reports on the explosion of an oil depot near Kiev. I look forward to your questions immediately, we have seen a lot of videos, but since we can not recognize them, we will be with this photo of the Kiev station.

01:12 : Damn, according to the latest news, everyone is still on duty. It was in the United States that No. 2 of the Russian Embassy was sent back to his home.

01:05 : Good evening, thank you for your flawless and hard work! I wanted to know if the Russian ambassador to France was still in place or if France had decided to sack him.

00:59 : Adline There are only soldiers on the streets of Kiev, as a curfew has been imposed on civilians until Monday morning. Clearly, until the Russians enter the capital, there can be no question of guerrilla warfare.

There, at present, civilians are confined to camps throughout the night.

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00:58 : But what about the Kiev domain? Do veterans always stand out? Are there public improvements with Molotov cocktails? The only way to repel enemies we hear of gorillas, for example the mass Molotov cocktail.

00:53 : Austrian flag carrier Austrian Airlines announces cancellation of flights to Russia and avoid Russian airspace for at least the next seven days.

00:53 : Well, tomorrow, i.e. today is 1am.

00:49 : @married A unified European decision is possible, but will be announced tomorrow at one of the many international meetings planned.

00:49 : Thanks, Peter! Thanks FI, for all this work! Courage and good humor for the whole team! Like other countries, I wanted to know if France was going to ban flights from Russia.

00:47 : I use this opportunity to explain how we work, even though many of you are late for this live. We watch a lot of videos, but in between promotions, manipulations or verifications, we never cross half a quarter. You have to be very careful with all the raw materials circulating on social websites.

00:43 : “The night will be hard again. Russian soldiers are still trying to enter Kiev.”The mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaly Klitschko writes in his telegram account.

00:37 : Featured in Today’s Voice of the North magazine

00:37 : Cut Sends me one of the most awesome The Voice of the NorthAll in the colors of Ukraine.

00:33 : Raise your elbow, yes, but not for Vladimir Putin. Many US bars have stockpiled Russian vodka in the cellar to promote its Ukrainian variety, which is selling like hot cakes, the agency said in a statement. Associated Press In some American bars.

We remind you that alcohol abuse is dangerous to health (whether Ukrainian or Russian).

00:26 : Faith I recommend the podcast “Salut l’info”, which is very well made to convey messages to children from 6 years old. The last issue deals precisely with the war in Ukraine.

00:25 : Hello dear Bear and thank you for your wonderful work. Any articles, videos or any ideas to “confirm” kids coming out of school that we are all going to die in World War III? Feeling so helpless … thank you so much!

00:21 : Meanwhile, before the Swift system went down in the country, a reporter for the American channel NBC asked me to pay the bill through his hotel in Russia.

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00:19 : Emmanuel Macron pays tribute to ten Greeks killed in fighting near the port of Mariupol in the south of the country.

00:13 : One of our Brute colleagues broadcasts these pictures from Kiev, where the airstrikes seem to have begun.

12:10 am : A journalist The world Volodymyr Sistilin publishes a message from a journalist in Kharkiv.

00:01 : Former Polar Vault champion Sergei Pupka thanked the IOC for its support in a tweet and pledged that the Ukrainian Olympic Committee would coordinate humanitarian assistance.

11:54 pm : Billionaire Elon Musk has announced that his Starling system (which distributes Internet via satellite without the need for a wired network connection) is now operational in Ukraine.

11:55 pm : Ukrainian Digital Transformation Minister writes letter to US companies Paypal (money transfer) and Viber (secure messaging, Whatsapp-like utility) to block access to Russians. If you are fluent in English, that is On his telegram account.

11:51 pm : Despite my ES baccalaureate (it starts today), I’m walking on egg shells in this file. Western nations have decided this evening to further restrict access to the Russian central bank’s capital markets, further complicating its efforts to support the ruble’s trend in Ukraine following the war. What can you do when you have a good central bank that can drastically withdraw its currency to avoid a downturn?