May 27, 2024

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The non-closure of borders undermines the holidays of some French people

On the issue of refunding tourists for bookings for transport and accommodation tickets, no communication has yet been made by the Greek government.

Beginning Wednesday, July 14, Malta will close its borders to unopened travelers. Urgent action taken by the government to control the uprising in the new cases of Govt-19. But the decision, made this Friday, calls into question the departure of many French people on holiday with almost immediate consequences.

Frederick, 45, was due to leave with his family on August 10, but his mother, who has a contract with Covit-19, promises that the trip will not be possible as he will not be able to get a second dose of the vaccine. Malta considers that a complete vaccination schedule presents two doses of vaccines. EU Digital Govt Certified Passengers indicate that they have tested positive and have since received a dose of the vaccine, so will not be allowed to enter the country. A variant to suit him. “ This is not normal. This shows that the European Health Pass is ineffective as it is not even enough to go to Greece. , He laments. With his family, they spent a budget of 2,500 euros for six days and will not be able to reconsider the holiday until they repay.

No communication has been made by the Greek government on the issue of refund of tourists for bookings for transport and accommodation tickets. “ For now, no protocol has been put in place regarding the refund of the tourists involved, but this is unlikely to happen as it is a government decision. “Highlights the French Embassy in Malta.

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20 million euro tourism revival project

On the Air Malta side, the chosen policy is very clear. Passengers who have paid for a more expensive ticket, including refund insurance, will be paid. For others, it may not be so. “ Due to the corona virus crisis, most customers buy tickets with the assurance that they will be refunded. Very few people take it », Demands flight.

This measure was taken to close the borders in order to control the spread of the corona virus on the island. As of June 27, he had not registered any new cases, but on Friday health officials identified 96, 90% of which were not confirmed. Numerous cases have been detected during language trips, and schools that attract students from around the world each year will be closed until July 14th.

However, the government has made several attempts to attract tourists. The Minister of Tourism introduced a plan to recover 20 million euros, in particular, support for experts in the field, but also financial assistance of up to 200 euros for foreign visitors. “ We chose Malta precisely for its attractive tourism program because there are no barriers anywhere as clubs and bars are open. I am very disappointed with this policy change », Fitterley regrets the 19-year-old Baptist who planned to go out for a few days with friends in early August. He doesn’t want to be vaccinated, so he won’t be on the go …

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