December 9, 2023

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The origin of the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, “a complex matter”, according to Swedish justice, remains uncertain.

The origin of the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, “a complex matter”, according to Swedish justice, remains uncertain.

A Russian teenager who was separated from her father for painting in Ukraine was handed over to her mother.

A new chapter in the iconic story of repression in Russia: A teenager separated from her father for painting a pro-Ukraine painting is finally reunited with her mother, whom she hasn’t seen in years.

Condemned by her school after drawing missiles at a Ukrainian family, Maria Moskalyova, 13 and nicknamed Masha, was taken from her father, who was raising her alone, and placed in a home in March. Father Alexei Moskalyov was sentenced to two years in prison for insulting the Russian military. He was arrested last week in Belarus, where he fled, but his entourage and the justice system do not know where he is now.

The court in Efremo, 300 km south of Moscow, on Thursday heard Mr. The hearing, which was about to consider Moscaglio’s request to limit his parental rights, rejected the hearing, which failed to find him for a hearing.

On Wednesday evening, ahead of the scheduled start of the trial, authorities announced that Masha’s mother, Olga Chichikina, who had not seen her for years, suddenly appeared and took the child. “Olga took Masha out of the social rehabilitation center, where at her request”Russian Children’s Commissioner Maria Lavova-Belova said in a telegram on Wednesday evening.

“Let’s hope everything goes well for mother and daughter.”The Russian official was also targeted in another case with an International Criminal Court arrest warrant accusing him of deporting Ukrainian children to Russia.

“They did not live together for a long time and communicated very little. Initially, Masha did not want to see her mother.”Ms. Lvova-Belova said. “But she changed her mind, she told me on the phone.”.

The case of Masha and her father has sparked outrage in Russia, becoming a symbol of the crackdown on critics of the Kremlin’s military offensive against Ukraine. Despite the climate of fear, an online petition launched in Russia to hand over the child to his father has gathered more than 145,000 signatures.

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