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The outgoing president does a double take on this TV show


Jim Borg/AFP Joe Biden during the last presidential debate in 2020 (illustrative image)

Jim Borg/AFP

Joe Biden during the last presidential debate in 2020 (illustrative image)

United States – We take the same and start again. Almost four years after their last confrontation, the two US presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, will meet again on CNN this Thursday, June 27, for the first debate of the 2024 presidential election, five months before the election. The 90-minute meeting is double or nothing, especially as the president’s health is at the center of concerns.

At 81, Joe Biden is the oldest serving US president. His absence is regularly highlighted by his detractors, but is sometimes subject to a disinformation campaign through manipulated videos widely shared on social networks. In the absence of a sufficiently established successor on the national stage — Vice President Kamala Harris has failed to establish herself in the public eye — the Democratic nominee is seen as someone capable of defeating Donald Trump in November, even if the crowd is not excited. 5.

Although he was three years younger, the billionaire was the first to mock the age of the Democratic Party. In this Thursday’s debate, between two attacks on his economic record and migration policy, he will surely question the competence of the man he calls on. “Sleepy Joe” (“Sleeping Joe”) to reign, and portray him as an old man out of place in the Oval Office.

Trump, Biden and drugs

This is where everything is at stake for the Democratic leader. America has never been so divided and the polls have the two candidates neck-and-neck — with Donald Trump even holding a slight advantage in key states that will be decisive on November 5 (“Swing States”) –, Joe Biden needs to prove he has his way all the way. A poor performance could have a lasting impact on his campaign and put him in a very delicate position in the coming months. To the extent that his candidacy was questioned within his own party, hence his second term.

But Democrats may be surprised, as happened during the State of the Union address to elected representatives of Congress last March. During this annual and essential meeting of American politics, Joe Biden showed all his vigor with his fiery speech against Donald Trump and democracy.

To give such a good intellectual and physical performance on CNN, Joe Biden spent days preparing at Camp David and rehearsed a debate with a fake Trump. The (real) Republican candidate’s team bragged that they didn’t need to prepare their champion.

“Now, Corrupt Joe is in a room “studying”Donald Trump joked during a meeting last weekend. “But he sleeps because they want him good and strong. And just before the debate, he gets stabbed in the butt. He managed to mention his new favorite attack, which involves turning Joe Biden into a cocaine user to motivate himself.

Second debate on September 10

This speech shows that the billionaire is not quiet. Analyzed by The New York Times Recently, the introduction of drugs into Joe Biden’s rhetoric demonstrates that if he wins a debate, his extreme caricature of the president may backfire. The The Washington Post For its part, it underscored a shift in Donald Trump’s rhetoric. After disparaging the Democratic Party’s performance during months of previous debates or speeches, he has shifted gears in recent weeks, ultimately believing that it is Joe Biden. “good debater” And he didn’t want to “Don’t underestimate him”.

It must be said that this meeting is also important for Donald Trump. It will be his first debate of the campaign since refusing to face his rivals in the Republican primaries. Joe Biden should emphasize Donald Trump’s mixed record, his involvement in abortion bans in some states, and remind voters of the dangerous nature of a character he still doesn’t embrace four years after his defeat. But the current president also wants to “Let him say what he thinks.” and this “ Push in such a direction, for example, he would talk about suspending the constitution. And that’s what those close to the former president fear, Donald Trump, will be used to less than coherent lyrics in the face of adversity.

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It was the first time that a US presidential debate had been organized so early in the campaign and on purpose. Joe Biden, who has a lot to lose and a lot to gain, wants to show he’s present despite criticism from Republicans and his own camp. He is eager to show that he is capable of destabilizing Donald Trump and that he is the legitimate Democratic nominee. If he fails, he will get a second chance to convince during the next debate scheduled for September 10. Unless it’s too late.

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