May 29, 2024

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The Palestinian movement says it is nearing “the end of a ceasefire agreement”.

The Palestinian movement says it is nearing “the end of a ceasefire agreement”.

At least 50 journalists have been killed since the conflict began

The Israeli military offensive in Gaza has made it the deadliest month for journalists since the census began. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).. Till November 20, the organization recorded the deaths of 50 journalists or media workers.

“The second deadliest day for journalists was November 18, with five deaths; the first deadliest day of the war, October 7, killed six journalists,” reports CPJ.

The Israeli military said it hit 250 targets in the Gaza Strip

“In the past day, IDF planes hit 250 targets of the terrorist organization Hamas,” he writes On that day Israeli army.

Smoke billows following an Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip on November 20, 2023. © John MACDOUGALL / AFP

Who are the eight missing French hostages or Hamas hostages?

A month and a half after Hamas’s bloody attacks on Israeli territory, uncertainty continues to surround more than 240 hostages held by the Islamist group, including eight French nationals.

But the number of people is increasing every week. Among the victims was the body of a disabled young woman named Ruth Perez, who was remarkably identified.

One French hostage was formally identified on October 16, and seven nationals are still missing. A portrait of these French people who have not been discovered since October 7.

Pictures of Houthi rebels boarding a ship they thought was Israeli

The event takes place on Sunday in the heart of the Red Sea. A helicopter from Yemen’s Houthi rebels landed on a cargo ship chartered by a Japanese group whose owner is Israeli.

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Once on top of the building, the insurgents are positioned and manage to reach the control room, where they threaten the crew with weapons. In all, 25 people were taken hostage and taken to a rebel-held port.

For its part, Japan is “communicating with Israel, and in addition to direct communications with the Houthis, we are urging Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran and other relevant countries that the Houthis quickly release the ship and crew,” the Japanese said. Foreign Minister Yoko Kamigawa said Monday.

A few days ago, the Houthis threatened to target Israeli ships in this strategic sea located between Northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Hamas says 13,300 people have died since October 7

The Palestinian government, Hamas, has announced that 13,300 people have been killed in Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip since the war began on October 7.

The Islamic Movement’s government describes the deaths recorded to date as more than 5,600 children and 3,550 women. Also, 31,000 people were injured.

Joe Biden believes a deal to release Hamas hostages is close

On the sidelines of a ceremony at the White House on Monday, Joe Biden explained that he “believes” a closer deal to free hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

A journalist asked him the following question: “Is an agreement to release the hostages close?”, to which the American president replied: “I think so.” When the journalist asked him the same question, he replied, “Yes!” He replied. and pointed his fingers.

Hamas announces it is nearing “the conclusion of a cease-fire agreement”.

Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Palestinian Islamic Movement, said on Tuesday that Hamas was nearing “the conclusion of a cease-fire agreement” in the Gaza Strip.

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“The movement (Hamas, editor’s note) has given its response to Qatar’s brothers and mediators. We are nearing the conclusion of a cease-fire agreement,” Ismail Haniyeh was quoted as saying in a brief message on the movement’s Telegram account in Palestine.

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Fighting in northern Gaza, talk of hostage release

“The situation remains tense on Tuesday at an Indonesian hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, the center of bloody clashes between the Israeli army and Hamas, amid talks to release hostages in exchange for a humanitarian ceasefire.

The army indicated overnight that its soldiers “continued fighting” in the northern Gaza Strip, as Palestinian sources reported tensions at an Indonesian hospital targeted the day before Israeli strikes that killed 12 patients and their loved ones and “injured dozens”. “According to Hamas.

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