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The PGA Tour anchors Cameron Smith’s 2 shots due to a poor third-round drop in FedEx St. Jude


Cameron Smith, who is trying to become the world’s #1 ranked golfer and is said to be set to join the competing LIV Golf Series, was evaluated for a two-stroke penalty before the start of the final round of the FedEx St. Jude on Sunday at TPC Southwind in Memphis, Tennessee.

According to a statement from the PGA Tour, Smith played his ball from an improper spot on the fourth hole during the third round on Saturday. The tour said Smith “was assessed with a penalty for breaking the 14.7 . rule [playing ball from the wrong spot]. “

Smith, winner of the 150th Open in St Andrews last month, earned an indecent point after hitting his ball in the water on the fourth hole of the third.

Smith signed 3-under 67 and was behind the leader with two bullets JJ Spoon. After the penalty kick, he started the last round 4 kicks behind him.

Rule 14.7 of the Rules of Golf states: “When a player’s ball comes to rest in an area where play is not permitted, the player shall take a rest under the appropriate rule. In a hit game, if a player plays the ball from that area (such as a no-play area or wrong green) The player receives two penalty kicks for each kick made from that area.”

Smith hit his tee on the green, but bounced back into a nearby puddle. Smith took the rest of the two clubs. As he fell, his ball rolled backwards toward the water and part of it landed on the red penalty area line. He played his third shot from there and almost broke his ball into the hole.

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Gary Young, the PGA Tour’s chief referee, said they noticed Smith’s ball was too close to the penalty area line during Saturday’s live game. Young spoke to the bases official who was on the fourth hole, but was not called by Smith to make a judgment.

“It looked like his ball was too close to the line, but we felt comfortable because the player knew enough he wasn’t going to play the ball that was touching the penalty area line,” Young said during an interview with NBC Sports on the NBC Sports website. Sunday.

Another member of the Tour rules committee raised concerns about dropping Smith on Sunday morning, according to Young. Young said Smith’s ball was close enough to the line “so we decided we should probably talk to the player himself.”

When Young asked Smith about the situation Sunday morning, Smith said, “Yes, my ball was definitely touching the line.”

“He was not aware that no part of the ball could touch the penalty area line,” Young said. “He believed that if part of the ball was in the general area of ​​the course, it would be safe to play it.”

Young said Smith took the news as a “gentleman” and said, “Rules are rules.”

with Scotty Scheffler Missing in Memphis, Smith will move up to number one in the golf world rankings with a FedEx St. Jude, which is the first stage of the FedEx Cup Qualifiers.

On Tuesday, London’s Telegraph reported that Smith is set to become the highest-rated player to join the Saudi Arabia-backed LIV golf league. It is said that he will receive a signing bonus of more than $100 million and will make his debut at the next LIV event in Boston, scheduled for September 2-4.

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Smith dodged reporters’ questions about the report.

“I am a man of my word, and whenever I need to know anything, I will say it,” Smith said on Tuesday.



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