April 19, 2024

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New England Patriots Vs. Oakland Raiders At O.co Coliseum

The raiders suffered from the “financial turmoil”, and the employees who complained about it soon left

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The revolving door at the Raiders facility in recent months has raised eyebrows throughout the league. The The New York Times Try to get to the bottom of it. And while there is a file times Ball progressed, there seems to be more story yet to be told.

The times Talk to over a dozen former employees, who described what times It is described as a “financial turmoil”. The problem was “lax controls” on spending money, including “floundering” in tax payments. No one has confirmed that the cases constitute any kind of crime.

The times He explains that misinformation in a company’s books “can generally lead to problems with creditors, regulators, the league, and others.” It is indisputable that no general or specific problems have arisen, thus far, due to “financial turmoil”.

The times She also notes that employees who have raised concerns about the situation are “often ignored or fired and given compromises and non-disclosure agreements to keep them quiet.”

“If anyone complains, they are left,” said Nicole Adams, a former HR employee at Raiders. times. Adams claims that she was “expelled” in 2020. She refused to sign a separation agreement that would include a nondisclosure agreement. It also said that former interim president Dan Ventrell, who at the time served as the team’s general counsel, “jokingly said he would be willing to settle if anyone came forward with a charge.”

Ventrelle made headlines eight days ago with his sudden departure, followed by an allegation that he passed allegations of workplace misconduct to the league and He got kicked out because of that. The times The article does not contain new information regarding the allegations made and reported on Ventrelle.

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Perhaps the most damning claim in times The article is that “the type of invaders go back to the Stone Age.” This quote came from Adams. “Everything is still papers, files, boxes and warehouses,” said an unnamed former employee.

While there are no violations of league rules in the use of low-tech operations, the times The article paints a picture of inefficiency with positive efforts to hide it. Nothing so far crosses the kind of lines that teams like Washington are alleged to have crossed. Apparently, it won’t be there until Ventrelle starts providing details, in whatever context he chooses to do so.