June 24, 2024

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Artist impression of Thalassotitan.

The ‘ruthless’ sea monster with broken teeth roamed the seas 66 million years ago

Artist’s impression of Thalassotitan. (Image credit: Andrey Atuchin)

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A giant mosasaur with its teeth like a killer whale ruled the oceans around Morocco at the end of the age cretaceous periodI found a new study.

An extinct predator, named thalassotitan atrox, It grew to about 30 to 33 feet (9 to 10 m) and likely fed on any other marine reptiles it came across, including its mate. mosasaurs. The name Thalassotitan It comes from the Greek words “thalassa” and “titan”, which means “giant of the sea”, and the species name Atrox Translates to “cruel” or “merciless,” according to the study.