April 22, 2024

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The Sims 4 Modding is about to get easier

The Sims 4 Modding is about to get easier

A screenshot from The Sims shows the characters in a color room.

screenshot: EA

in the midst of enthusiasm journalist day The Sims 5 At the Sims Summit event todayAnd the The Sims 4 The team announced that it will create a new hub for personalized content at The game is from the current generation.

Dedicated content, or CC to hardcore Simmers, is an essential part of the most popular Sims Toys. It can be in the form of hair, clothing, nails, or leather textures in the Create-a-Sim maker, or it can look like Build Mode features, such as furniture, wall and floor patterns, plants, or other items. Bigger Adjustments It can change the way you play the whole game. There is a huge amount of Sims CC is there, but it’s often scattered across sites, which is something Electronic Arts hopes to change.

Currently, Sims resource It stands as one of the top destinations for CC of all kinds. But others use Tumblr or follow the websites of famous creators like Deaderpool, who makes a MC Command Center Everywhere.

While many players use CC and mods on PC (console users cannot use CC), others continue to stay away from them. Sometimes it’s due to lack of user experience on ad-laden sites like The Sims Resource, which offers a monthly subscription to remove both ads and download waiting times. (The site is free to use otherwise.) In other cases, people are concerned about malware and spyware that might get stuck on their virtual goods. In its presentation, EA promised to create a CC utopia where players could download “safe” content. It’s worth noting that many sites check what’s been uploaded. The Sims resource, for example, says it has a dispatch team that makes sure the content is appropriate, virus-free, and of good quality.

However, this great place comes with a major caveat: you will have to be invited to upload your work and join what EA calls “The Mod Squad”. What exactly the criteria the team is looking for or whether that will continue after launch, no one knows yet. (It seems likely that the more dangerous CC will be left out.) Existing sites are more open, which is critical for those just starting out.

This looks more exclusive than running EA The Sims 3 Exchange, which closed in 2018. This also served as a hub for custom content uploads and downloads but it wasn’t an invite-only one.

Her Mod Squad and CC aren’t out yet, we don’t know when she’s coming (The Sims 4 The team only said vaguely that players can keep checking for updates.) But when that happens, it will be interesting to see what ripple effects it could have on freelancers and creators Sims modification sites.

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