May 26, 2024

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The situation at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

The situation at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

What do we know about the situation at Al-Shifa Hospital?

Located in the heart of Gaza City, Al-Shifa Hospital is the main hospital in the Palestinian Territory. according toUnited Nations (UN)), its surroundings have been the scene of clashes between Hamas and the Israeli army for several days. The latter confirmed Marty The hospital has Hamas infrastructure, which uses civilians “Human Shields”. The White House also said on Tuesday that the facility was being used by Hamas “Command Center”.

According to an Agence France-Presse journalist on the site Wednesday morning, Israeli soldiers were interrogating people at the hospital, including patients and doctors, while tanks and troop transport surrounded the hospital complex. According to this journalist, the Israeli soldiers call through loudspeakers “All males 16 years of age and older” “raise their hands in the air” And “Exit the buildings towards the inner courtyard”. He later reports that a thousand people now have their hands in the air on the great esplanade of the hospital complex.

Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said It was announced on Wednesday morning at XA “Target Function” Inside the hospital, highlights “information” On top of that “Hamas terrorist activities”. Avichai Atre, an Arabic-speaking spokesman for the Israeli military, said: And on that dayThat’s what the players brought “Medical Material”of “Incubators” Or “Mother’s Milk”.

The situation inside the hospital is described“terrible” UN On Tuesday, Dr Khaled Abu Samra joined the worldCounted at least “Six hundred wounded”, “One Hundred Medical Staff” And a thousand civilians, who “Having found refuge there”. More than a hundred people were killed in the hospital. According to a doctor working in cardiology department. “Their dead bodies are everywhere (…). This morning we buried forty of them in the little yard of the hospital., he added. On November 10, Agence France-Presse published images taken inside the hospital complex, showing scores of corpses piled in a courtyard and corridors filled with patients and members of the public.

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According to Hamas, for several days, Al-Shifa Hospital, like all other hospital institutions in the enclave, “Horse Service” And the lack of fuel to run the generators led to power outages. Discharge of patients from this hospital is a “Mission Impossible”The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that these people are extremely vulnerable and have nowhere else to seek refuge.