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The SNES Evidence Vault is a great resource for fans of game history


It may often be an afterthought nowadays, but in the console generations of yesteryear, game guides were often a must-read. Compared to the extra packages that come with games today, these old instruction manuals were on a completely different level in terms of the care and detail that went into them – and the page count was higher, too.

Currently, As noted before KotakuIt is a community project led by Led by Pepes streamer He has successfully scanned and uploaded the latest English language game guide for Super Nintendo. Could you Check out the entire collection here. Peebs was excited to put together one central resource for handbooks during his eight-year journey to play and beat every SNES game for Twitch viewers.

Perusing random instruction manuals can be a fun dose of nostalgia for a 30-year-old like me, but this can also be a useful resource for any gamers working through the different SNES titles available with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Nintendo provides online guides for every game included in it NES Classic And the SNES Classic , but this is a more comprehensive vault of gaming history. Take a look at the manual for something like Chrono player Just one example of how extensive it is in the 16-bit era. Similar archives are available to Nintendo 64 And the virtual boy titles.

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The SNES Directory Project was a collaborative effort, in which owners of rare or hard-to-find titles contributed a scan of the archive. According to Pepes, nearly 100 people rose to the occasion. But if anyone happens to have a PAL manual for the German version of Amazed before Christmas-You can help fill in the last piece of the puzzle. I’ll just be here browsing through old favorites like Saturday Night Salam Masters And the a home improvement Game I didn’t know it existed before. The in-game tutorials are not quite the same as the physical guide which has a notes section at the end.

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