April 16, 2024

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The Taliban besieged the last opposition fighters in the Panjir Valley

Is it a simple demonstration before a negotiation or the desire to eliminate all forms of opposition? Taliban forces took control of several provinces on Sunday, August 22, in a province between the high mountains about a hundred kilometers from Kabul, towards the Panjir Valley, where the last fighters withdrew their victory. Kabul on August 15.

Amrullah Saleh, the former deputy leader of the ousted regime, and Ahmed Masood, the son of the famous commander Masood, also known as the Panzer Lion, gathered around him and were killed by al-Qaeda on September 9, 2001, hundreds of men vowing to fight to the death. The area was commemorated for escaping all attempts by the Taliban to occupy between 1996 and 2001, while ruling the country until US intervention.

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For now, each camp alternates between militant declarations and a desire for a political solution. “Our fighters are stationed near Punch,” he said. Jabihullah Mujahid, one of the Taliban’s spokesmen, confirmed on Twitter on Sunday that his movement “Try to settle this case peacefully”. Thursday, in the audio message World, Mr Saleh said he was ready to negotiate with the new regime provided by the people of Afghanistan “What he says about the type of state” Will preside over the fate of the country. However, he assured that there would be no part of them “Do not surrender” நி “No Declaration of Faith”.

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A position taken by Ahmed Masood called for the formation of an inclusive government representing all ethnic groups in the country. “Dictatorship” Should not be recognized by the international community. In a statement issued by Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV, he promised not to return parts of the country he controls to the Taliban, and that war would break out. “Inevitable” If the Islamic movement denies dialogue. If the Taliban continue like this, it will not last. We are ready to defend Afghanistan and warn against bloodshed. “

Ammunition shortage

On Monday, unconfirmed information was spread, mainly on social networks, that fights and ambush were reported on the outskirts of Panjir Valley, the entrance to which became known as the first curves to smell a narrow valley, making the invasion more complicated for outside forces. Surrounded on both sides of the valley The National Opposition Front (FNR) is working to break the threat to them of ammunition and food. On August 20, these Taliban-linked militants reportedly tried to open a corridor in the north to gain control of three districts of the Taliban-occupied province of Baghlan and access to Tajikistan.

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