April 14, 2024

Balkan Travellers

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The Taliban has called on the West to stop expelling Afghans

In addition, fundamentalists refuse to extend the deadline for these actions, which is set for August 31.

The Taliban are making a face. Westerners should only expel foreigners from Afghanistan, but not the most deserving Afghanistan, the new Taliban regime warned on Tuesday, refusing to extend the deadline for these operations back to August 31.

“Afghanistan experts, like engineers, are being expelled from the country by the Americans and their allies,” we ask them to stop. ” Recalled the “firm” opposition.

The airport was still under attack

Although nearly 60,000 foreigners have fled the country by plane to Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power nine days ago, chaos has continued around Kabul airport. Thousands of Afghans have gathered there for days, some with their entire families, hoping to be able to board one of the chartered flights by Westerners following one another in Dharmak.

The G7’s virtual summit is set to take off in the afternoon. Several G7 leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is currently head of state, may beg US President Joe Biden to maintain his forces beyond the August 31 deadline to complete these evictions.

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