April 19, 2024

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The Thai Elden Ring trailer summarizes the actual story of the game

The Thai Elden Ring trailer summarizes the actual story of the game

Elden’s ring is broken, a family seeks their fragments, and the Tarnished are reunited. This is the plot of both to some extent elden ring and a Thai commercial for the game that features a family battling over a priceless inheritance.

In case you don’t catch elden ringIntroductionHere’s how the two lines consisted: The lands between were united by Merika (that grandmother) who ruled with the power of the Elden Ring. However, after it was broken, her children squabbled bitterly over the pieces, sending the country into war and conflict. The lands remained in opposition until the Tarnish (that is the son) could return to unite the lands between.

The commercial plays like a family melodrama, but there’s a little more fun and more direct references to it elden ring. This is especially evident when we see what appears to be the eldest son of the family returning home from a trip or college.

As he returns to his besieged family home, we see his childhood as he fought imaginary dragons, fended off friends’ attacks with a plastic shield, and rode a board of cardboard. A horse named Torrent, and even prayed for Ardtari in the family yard. All of this happens before he arrives and his grandmother describes him as disoriented, making the story a true affair.

The commercial concludes with a more famous trailer that shows some elden ring Play And it talks about the contributions of the game director Hidetaka Miyazaki And the George RR Martin.