May 23, 2024

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The twins acquire Sony Gray from Reds

The twins acquire Sony Gray from Reds

The Reds and Twins agree on a deal titled Right Hand Sony Grayon his way from Cincinnati to Minnesota, according to Bobby Nightingale of the Cincinnati Inquirer (Via Twitter). Together with Gray, the Twins will get the right hand in the minor league Frances Biggero. The Reds receive the 26th overall selection for the 2021 draft, from the right Chase Petty. Both teams announced the deal, making it official.

This deal has the potential to destabilize both central divisions significantly. The Twins’ turnover, for their part, looks a lot better with the addition of gray, and the addition of starters may never be finished, according to MLB Network’s John Heyman (Via Twitter). With you were maid After he underwent Tommy John’s surgery, rotation was easily the most area the twins needed to move forward.

Although the Twins hit lows last year, selling off a number of notable names, much of the talent that led them to the playoffs in 2020 remains. Gray represents a false alternative to the greatest departure, Jose Perios, which traded with Blue Jays in July. Although Prius was a domestic star, and was four and a half years younger than Gray, in the short term, the 32-year-old Gray is certainly able to keep the streak in what was once the place of Prius’ rotation.

Twins head of baseball operations Derek Valvey praised Gray for “off the charts” makeup, noting his ability to “pin rotations” and setting an example for younger beginners, This video clip From Phil Miller of the Star Tribune. Player, character and two years of team control made Gray a natural target for this team of twins.

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Berrios is the broader talent of the two, but one could argue that Gray is a better fit for the selected Twins’ roster given the versatility his contract offers them. Despite a $1 million bump in his contract due to trade, Tweets Nightingale’s salary, Gray for 2022, is still only $10.7 million. On top of that, the Twins now have a $13 million club option for 2023. That’s very economical for a spin-arm that churns out a 3.3 rWAR/2.4 fWAR over a 135 1/3 round span of 26 starts.

Looking at the decade, the Twins could look to heart the Grays again if they pit like they did in 2021, but if the club proves to be more competitive, the Grays’ personalities are one reason for that. His hitting numbers have been below his career standards, dropping to a flat rate of 27.0 percent, but his gait rate has also improved to 8.7 percent, and there’s little reason to believe he can’t continue to be a solid average. to the front arm.

Gray must help transition from the Reds’ asymmetric defense to a well-equipped defensive unit in Minnesota. if Byron Buxton stay healthy, and Josh Donaldson To avoid age-related decline in third place, twins should get their share of baseballs, especially with Isaiah Keener Valiva Take charge in a nutshell.

In terms of the broader impact on the Minnesota slate, the rotation has nothing else in the way of making sure of things. Randy Dubnack A low-risk long-term contract was signed last winter, but the 27-year-old struggled hard in 2021 and didn’t end up spending much time in rotation. Dylan Bundy It was a similar year for angels. The 29-year-old has a longer track record, but no less uncertainty. Joe Ryanwe are Billy Uber are most likely to be filled in the middle of the turn, with Louis Thorpe And the griffin jacks Also competing for a chance.

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From the aerial view, AL Central continues to have more competition. The Tigers and Twins both made strides to challenge the White Sox, who had a relatively clear path to a division title in 2021.

On the flip side, the Reds are moving away from their short-lived identity as an all-spending contender for the NL Central crown. After spending aggressively to end a pre-season playoff drought – a box they checked with a 31-29 Wild Card team – the Reds actually improved by win percentage in 2021, ending the year with 83 wins and out of playoff money.

Details coming…