May 29, 2024

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The UN has launched an investigation into the bombings at Olenivka prison

The UN has launched an investigation into the bombings at Olenivka prison

In short: these sanctions weigh heavily on the Russian economy, as opposed to the Kremlin and the economy itself National rally in France insist.

Longer version, if you’re in good shape: Western sanctions against Russia since Ukraine invasion, according to Russian propaganda “A War of Economic Devastation in the West”will be opposed by said persons “Expansion” too “Prosperity” Russian economy. This is the story “just wrong”These experts explain, who condemn “Selected Figures” By Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to their study, “Company Exits and Sanctions Crippling Russian Economy in the Short and Long Term”. Sanctions prevent many companies and countries from continuing to trade with Russia. The country is struggling to get spare parts and raw materials or to acquire some essential technologies.

Image is dark: “Despite illusions of self-sufficiency and import substitution (…), Russian domestic production is completely halted and there is no ability to replace the lost companies, products and talent. » Companies that have left the country “representing about 40% of its GDP, undoing nearly three decades of foreign investment”The authors of this survey also argue that

To overcome these weaknesses, Vladimir Putin “Using unsustainable financing and monetary intervention”and Kremlin funding “are in a more desperate situation than has been admitted”.

as “Perspective for China” Favored by Vladimir Putin, it may be based on “unrealistically optimistic assumptions”. “Russia is China’s smallest trading partner. (…) And most Chinese companies are not at risk of violating US sanctions.”, thus describing the authors of the study. Chinese companies are also pointing out “Many of the technologies needed to sustain and service Russia’s oil and gas supply are not available upstream. »

According to the International Monetary Fund, Russia will see its gross domestic product (GDP) shrink by 6% in 2022, according to its latest forecast released on Tuesday.

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