May 29, 2024

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The UN says it is “preparing” for an attempt to evacuate 55,000 new refugees from Mariupol within 24 hours.

The UN says it is “preparing” for an attempt to evacuate 55,000 new refugees from Mariupol within 24 hours.

Maybe the eighth time would be right? It does not escape your attention that the war in Ukraine is taking place on the information front. You may have noticed that the answer given at 12:55 pm yesterday was using the condition and misusing it.

Yesterday, Bloomberg Company, Citing an unnamed source close to the Russian gas company Gazprom, said four European gas buyers had already paid for their supplies in rubles as requested by Russia. The company added that ten European companies would have opened the necessary accounts at Gazprombank to meet President Vladimir Putin’s payment demands. Bloomberg companies are not named.

Bloomberg announced ENI. Italian energy is huge, Ready to open ruble accounts in Gazprombank. Bloomberg clarified that the German Unifor SE thinks it can continue to buy Russian gas.

TA CompanySS, the official Russian company, quoted Austrian President Carl Nehmar as saying that OMV had agreed to Russia’s terms and would pay for its gas in rubles.

Former President of the European Council Donald Dusk (2014-2019) has resigned From a killer tweetIn the form of a call for order, he wrote: “I have heard that not only Hungary, but also Austria and Germany are willing to pay for Russian gas in rubles. Are they still part of the euro zone or ruble zone? ⁇

Without waiting for Donald Duskin’s reaction, Carl Nehammer was there Denial of TA noticeSS: “Ahead of the Russian campaign, fake news is spreading. OMV continues to pay in euros for gas supplies from Russia. Austria strictly respects collectively decided European sanctions..

European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen has condemned the attack Russia’s new attempt to threaten us with gas And promised the European Union “Ready for this situation”. Unlike other EU countries, only Hungary has so far stated that it is willing to pay for Russian gas in rubles if needed.

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