June 24, 2024

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The United States and Russia are launching tense talks in Switzerland

Will Russia and the United States reach an agreement on the Ukraine crisis? The two countries began talks on Monday, January 10 in Geneva (Switzerland) with their Deputy Foreign Ministers Wendy Sherman and Sergei Rybkov. The talks came several weeks later. Westerners accuse the Russians of wanting to invade Ukraine. For its part, Moscow accuses NATO of threatening its security by strengthening its presence in Russia’s neighbor.

Moscow says it does not want to invade Ukraine

At the end of these talks, Russia confirmed that it had no intention of attacking Ukraine. Both camps have repeatedly stated their mutual warnings that they would like to continue their talks with a view to reducing the intensity. But during the talks, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed when they jumped on a bomb device in the east of the country. They were the first soldiers killed this year in the front line with pro-Russian separatists.

After the meeting in Geneva, the Russian negotiator promised that the tens of thousands of troops stationed on the border would be a reaction to the increasing presence of his Western rivals. “We explained to colleagues that we had no plans and did not intend to attack Ukraine in ‘quotes’.”, Said Sergei Ryapkov.

Wendy Sherman explained that she had reiterated to her opponent that any invasion of Ukraine could result. “Significant Expenses”, “Massive”, could be a start for Russia and Moscow “Rise and fall” “By sending troops back” to the border in recent weeks.

“The situation is not hopeless”

As for Russia’s key demand, namely securing security guarantees by blocking NATO expansion and reducing the Western military presence near Russia, the Russian negotiator was more positive than the day before. “We feel that the US side has taken the Russian proposals very seriously.”, he said.

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According to him, “The situation is not hopeless” So, but “We must not underestimate the risks associated with the worsening evolution of conflict.”. “A real gesture must be made towards Russia”, That promised and hit the hammer “not at all” Ukraine should not join the Atlantic Alliance. To him, concessions must be made “Quickly”, Should not take the negotiation process “Months and years”.

For his part, Wendy Sherman explained that the US side had put forward its ideas “From this our two countries can take mutual action and improve strategic stability in line with our security interests.”. Here again, the tone is very harmonious. However, the diplomat warned Moscow “Open Door Policy” NATO will continue to defy Russian demands.

These discussions, taking place in Geneva, mark the beginning of an intense diplomatic week. The NATO-Russia meeting is scheduled for Wednesday in Brussels, ahead of a meeting on Thursday in Vienna by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the site of the Cold War.