February 29, 2024

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The United States, Italy, Canada and Australia are the UN's most important countries for Palestine refugees.

The United States, Italy, Canada and Australia are the UN's most important countries for Palestine refugees.

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Australia, Canada and Italy will join the UN on Saturday 27 January The responsibility to assist Palestinian citizens (UNRWA), qui In the eyes of the Israeli authorities. According to them, some of its employees were involved in the bloody October 7 attack by Hamas on Israeli soil, the birthplace of the war.

The three countries followed the US announcement on Friday “Temporary Suspension” Future funding for UNRWA. Australian Foreign Minister Benny Wong said “deep concern” Canadian International Development Minister Ahmed Hussain announced on Friday that the social network X. on the US side, due to allegations against the agency. Canada suspended “Provisionally (…) all funding” While waiting for a decision “A thorough investigation into these allegations”He wrote in X.

The UN Security Council will meet on Wednesday to consider the International Court of Justice ruling. The UN High Court called on Israel to do everything possible to prevent genocide in the Gaza Strip, without commenting on whether Israel was actually committing such an act in the Palestinian territories. Seized by South Africa, the ICJ asked Israel to take over as well “Immediate Actions” To facilitate the provision of assistance “Palestinians need it urgently”.

US strikes after Houthi attack on British tanker US forces struck a Houthi rebel base in Yemen in the early hours of Saturday, January 27. Retaliation followed when these rebels claimed responsibility for an attack on a British tanker “on fire” In the Gulf of Aden. “At approximately 3:45 local time, US Middle East Command (CENTCOM) launched a strike against a Houthi anti-ship missile that was preparing to launch into the Red Sea.”He announced in X, that this missile was delivered “immediate threat” to US destroyers and merchant ships in the area.

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“There is no health system in Gaza”, Condemns Doctors Without Borders. “Surgical Efficiency of Nasser Hospital”The largest health facility is now located in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip “almost non-existent”, the NGO lamented. The “Some members of the medical staff staying at the hospital had to deal with very limited medical equipment”Added MSF.