April 19, 2024

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'The View' talks about the scrotum, but avoids a low blow on Hugh Grant Oscars Carpet Antics — Deadline

‘The View’ talks about the scrotum, but avoids a low blow on Hugh Grant Oscars Carpet Antics — Deadline

It was totally fine for the view To talk about Hugh Grant and his scrotal likeness during Thursday’s show. But talking about his behavior on the beige Oscar carpet was apparently forbidden, which angered part of her viewers.

Grant stopped by the show to promote the movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. The actor spoke about how nervous he was appearing as a presenter at the 2023 Academy Awards, as he reunited with Andie MacDowell, his co-star. Four weddings and a funeral.

This is where the scrotum joke came in.

“I was nervous. I wrote that joke and was really nervous about it. I guess I got away with it,” Grant said, noting his comment that it looked like “basically a scrotum” when compared to MacDowell’s unpadded complexion.”Sigourney Weaver She said to me afterwards, ‘You don’t look like a scrotum,’ and I loved the joke, which put me at ease a bit.”

The View offered Grant a bottle of lotion, with Whoopi Goldberg claiming his joke was “very funny”.

While that thing ended well, the elephant in the room, namely Grant’s exchange of Oscars with Ashley Graham, wasn’t dealt with. Grant gave terse answers to Graham’s efforts at showbiz banter on the beige carpet, clearly annoyed that he had to put up with it.

While some sort of agreement was apparently reached regarding Grant the view Appearance and line of questioning, social media has been unforgiving.

“Awful you didn’t mention Ashley Graham named him,” 1 user tweeted After the segment that aired, summed up the public reaction.

“Spineless no one asked about the Oscars red carpet interview,” another user tweeted.

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