Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Warriors free agency rumors started before the body got cold


The tough questions facing this offseason Golden State Warriors team surfaced just moments after they were eliminated from the playoffs.

After the Dubs lost 122-101 Game 6 to the Lakers on Friday, Draymond Green told ESPN’s Andscape’s Mark Spears that his future depends, at least in part, on where General Manager Bob Myers goes this summer.

Myers’ contract expires June 30. The CEO has been with the team since 2011, and the general manager since 2012. Green has a $27.6 million player option that he can exercise this summer.

after Twitter it Spears stated that Green “will take his time making the decision after consulting with agent Rich Paul,” Green also added that he’s very concerned about Warriors GM Bob Myers’ future, and said he could play a role in his decision and that Myers should do what’s best for him.” .

Myers reports that the chances of a new contract agreement with owner Joe Lacob have fluctuated this year.

Recently, things are looking more hopeful. ESPN’s Zack Lowe was baffled by the idea of ​​Myers leaving, saying on his podcast, “I still don’t quite get — I’m not sure anyone does — why there’s even a question there.”

athlete, in published piece Seconds after the Warriors season ended, he also stated that Lacob wanted to keep Myers.

“Publicly and privately, Lacob has stated his hope to retain Myers as the face of the Warriors’ front office and has offered him a new deal,” the article read. “Those inside the front office — under and around Myers — echo this sentiment, a collective desire to keep the existing structure in place.”

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Of course, there’s still room for error, the piece says, “but there’s also the acknowledgment that Myers may be walking out the door, even if Lacob reaches the necessary number in contract negotiations.”

Myers and Green are clearly the two most fateful decisions the Warriors will face this summer. But some smaller names are at a crossroads, too. Young Jordan Paul and Jonathan Cuminga are clearly unhappy with their lesser roles in the playoffs. The Dubs have a huge tax bill looming, and Poole’s $123 million extension starts next season. “If cost-cutting is required, he is considered the most likely candidate,” Shams Charania and Anthony Slater wrote of Paul, adding, “There is still reluctance to move him.”

Kuminga seemed to get his start with the Warriors at the end of this season only to be relegated to the kennel again in the playoffs. Charania and Slater stated that he “will want to be in a place where he can play more” if the Dubs cannot promise him a steady role this season.