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Three things need to be known about the parliamentary committee investigating the attack on the Capitol from this Tuesday


Images of Donald Trump supporters occupying the two-seat capital of the US House of Representatives in Washington on January 6 do not end the hunt for American politics. A new panel of members of the House of Representatives is set to begin its hearings on Tuesday, July 27. The aim is to clarify what the protesters provoked and allowed the attack, condemning the results of the presidential election that Joe Biden won in November 2020.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, has identified Donald Trump’s political responsibility in inciting the insurgency and his intention not to ignore his supporters, as well as the ineffective response of the security forces. Surprisingly, the commission resurrected tensions between Democrats and Republicans, with its elected officials removed from the list of participants. Francinefo explains to you in three points why it would be interesting to follow this survey.

Its composition means a conflict

The cast of the commission is not yet known for sure. Its choice has provoked Washington since June 30, as it approved the creation.

Theoretically, it should consist of eight members nominated by a democratic majority in the House of Representatives and five members nominated by the Republican opposition. After being reluctant to nominate candidates, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy finally came up with five names. But Nancy Pelosi vetoed the presence of two of them, Jim Banks and Jim Jordan. In a press release (In English) Released July 21st, He justified the need to defend this decision “Honesty of Inquiry”, And “Concerns about Reports and Actions” Of these two elected officers. These two ardent supporters of Donald Trump, especially those who voted against recognizing the results of the presidential election won by Joe Biden, were controversial by those involved in the attack on Capitol.

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Condemning the abuse of power, Kevin McCarthy withdrew his other three candidates, while Nancy Pelosi said she was ready to accept them on the commission of inquiry. It should have two more Republicans, but not what the opposition expected. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger were the only two anti-Trump officials elected in the party, the only two who voted in favor of starting the investigation.

The commission will focus on the role of Donald Trump and his allies

The commission is set to hear from Washington and Capitol Hill police on Tuesday. But the investigation should not focus only on the flaws in the security system. In her July 21 statement, Nancy Pelosi explained that investigations should be made possible to prevent a recurrence of such an incident, but determine “Who organized this attack, who paid for it, and how almost they succeeded in thwarting the outcome of the presidential election.” [et] Why did they do that? “

This broad program will undoubtedly yield many politicians. Lists unanswered questions, The New York Times (Article in English) Especially indicating the possibility “Members of Congress involved in organizing pre-violence rally”, One of its organizers promised to be assisted by three elected Republicans. Further, “It was [Donald] Trump during the attack? “, Daily questions. The then-president had said he had sought the intervention of the National Guard in the face of the riots, but his defense secretary said he had not been contacted that day. New York Times. In another article (In English), The US media reports that several elected Democrats have confirmed that some Republicans showed Capitol to protesters before the attack, while providing them with some information.

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However, the purpose of the investigation and its findings may come against the backdrop of anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans being guided. The formation of a committee comprising two chambers of parliament with equal members from the two major parties was blocked by Republicans in the Senate. “Anything that can be revealed about the attack on Capitol Hill can be seen through a discriminatory prism. Significant parts of the country reject the reality of what has been revealed.”, Describe New York Times After this referendum.

She was not the only one inquiring

While this may be the most politically advanced approach to the January 6 events, the investigation is not the first response to the attack on Capitol Hill. Donald Trump’s second indictment has already resulted in one indictment“Incitement to Rebellion”. The Senate, which was then a Republican, freed the millionaire.

In June, the Senate also released the results of an investigation by members of its two standing committees from two major parties. The report turned to the mistakes made by the police, but nothing prompted the attackers to attack Capitol. The Congress upper house did not form a committee to specifically answer this question.

In addition, American justice continues to look after the personal responsibilities of those involved in the attack. On June 24, the U.S. Justice Department announced that a total of 500 people had been arrested since the start of its investigation.

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